Filament guide for Ender 3

by Morley Aug 29, 2018
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Love the design! Unfortunately, the pins ended up being too large to fit through the holes, and even after moving the spool holder all the way to the right side the filament would not stay on the rollers. I ended up printing bearing sleeves from a different thing to add a groove to my 608 bearings, to try and keep the filament on that way, but with no luck. Any other suggestions?

working on a guide will print tomorrow and post if successful

Oh wow, thanks! I was going to try and come up with a solution for this, but that saves me a lot of time! I'll keep an eye out for it and give it a try :D

Guides added now

sorry to hear the pins were too large, will adjust them as some others had issues as well as my sizing was for my calibrated printer. not had any issues with filament coming off so haven't made a guide for it. will look at that.

Thanks for the design. Is anyone else finding that the pins are slightly big for the main arm holes? I'm measuring about 0.23 mm too big, making it too tight to jam them together. Will just sand them down and should be fine, but was curious what others were seeing.

Are there any pins for the top bracket to take 608 bearings?

there is now - forgot to add them to the files

I found these on Amazon, do you think that even though they are 1mm thinner that they will still work for the purposes of this? considering the diameters are the same and they have the U Grooves.


yes they should fit

Why filter file was SLDPRT?

woops my bad, will fix

The upper roller. filament comes off of that roller as the filament nears each side of the roll. As long as the filament is coming off the roll near the center, all is fine, but as it gets near either side of the roll, it comes off the top roll. Maybe the top pin needs to allow the roller to move front to rear, with the filament? Or does it do that already, which maybe I need to print that pin at a much higher quality?

Move the Spool to the other side of the frame and it will roll off smoothly and not require any other modifications. note on my photos the spool is closer to the power supply.

oh I see. Thanks

made some guides for the rollers, so this will help