Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bowden tube feeder with filament release mechanism - 3mm version

by kert Apr 22, 2014
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Can you upload your source files Please, I'd like to use Geared Nema but with 1.75mm and Hyena V2 Filament Drive Gear

Sure! Do you use 3ds max? Or which file format do you want?

Many thanks Preferably in a cad format, failing that, blender (which I'm a complete newb)

If you want to go with blender then you don't need anything else than .stl, Blender can import them easily, tell me if you need help ;)

If you wish, just give me the sizes of your drive knob, and i'll do the modifications, because it is a pure polygonal model so...
Do you wish to use a M8 ball bearing like me or the original wigh is a M4 i think?

Thanks so much
Drive gear is 12.5mm ext 8mm shaft (http://shop.arcol.hu/item/mini_hyena_8mm_cr)http://shop.arcol.hu/item/mini... same bearing as yours should be fine to keep strings simple.

Well actually I use a hobbed mk7 drive gear from http://tridprinting.comtridprinting.com (http://www.tridprinting.com/Mechanical-Parts/)http://www.tridprinting.com/Me...
I think it is the exact same dimensions, I'll just change the diameters back to the original and upload the updated part. Also, I modified some geometry to improve it's functionment.

awesome thanks for that

Hi, Nice remix!
And neat remoceling of the mesh :)
Smart solution to use a geared stepper.
But don't you need springs to push the bearing against the filament?

Hi, thanks you! :)
Yes I plan on using springs, I just didn't have them yet, gonna buy some cloth pin ^^
But it does seem to work very well even without the springs!

Hi, what is the bearing code? Number? ID? Is for search in ebay

Hi, the bearing size is 608, you'll find plenty on ebay ;)