Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Predator Armor (Not Screen Accurate)

by Rinaldi94 Aug 25, 2018
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Del traje de predator, donde puedo encontrar las calaveras del colgante que no encuentro el diseño.
Gracias por tu diseño del traje.
Un saludo.

I'll add the links to the skull and bones I used into the thing details. I resized them and drilled a hole through them to make the necklace.

Comments deleted.

The lack of pictures / instructions is absolutely infuriating.

Side note.... Missing MANY pieces, you have the same pieces in the upload twice....... incomplete file set... honestly dude, very embarrassing upload, learn how to split things before you upload them...

First off no pieces are missing. I linked to parts I printed of other designers and uploaded all of my own original pieces. Some you just have to mirror for the opposite leg. Next I uploaded the chest and back whole and split and every other piece I printed whole on my printer. If you can’t print that big it’s up to you to split them to fit on your printer. So if you’re going to comment on my project first learn to 3D print and 3D model so you know what the hell you are talking about.

The irony lol..... And yes.. you have MULTIPLE pieces that are the same pieces , and missing legit 90% of the back

Did you miss the “not screen accurate”? This is my own design for predator armor so the irony is it can’t be missing anything because it’s exactly how I created it. If you want to create a screen accurate model go for it. Mine is not meant to be that model so learn to read before you make a bunch of comments about something.

lol.... you REALLY don't understand what I'm trying to say.....

Yes you can have an incomplete project, regardless of screen accuracy or not LOL... you clearly have a finished idea posted, and no parts to achieve that....... And check my uploads, made 500x better looking shoulder pads than you in like 3 hours LOL

There are no repeats in my uploads. I put up both the combined and broke apart pieces for the front and back chest pieces. They are labeled 1, 2, 3 and so on. I have finished this project with the pieces uploaded here this is not an idea this is a finished predator costume. If you look at the pictures you will see me Wearing all the finished pieces I uploaded. As for your uploads I could give a shit less if you think they are better. I uploaded these files for people to use if they want to create something similar. My concept is based on the original predator movie not all the ones that came after so if you are talking about those parts you will never find them here. So kindly fuck off and stop commenting nonsense on my project.

So you're trying to tell me that Back piece 4 & 5 aren't literally the exact same piece as chest piece 1 just unnecessarily cut down the middle for literally no good reason? Bruh, embarrassing, apparently I know your 3D model better than you do...

lol ignorance is bliss dude.... you make it sound like I didn't just waste $50 in filament on your trash interpretation of a predator costume, that as I mentioned, can't even be printed LOL......and OH LOOK WHAT I FOUND lol...