Xbox 360 controller mini wheel

by zan666 Aug 25, 2018
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Thanks for the 360 remix!! I used the recommended settings and my first frame snapped on the ring that goes around the Xbox button when I tried to put it on a controller. Reprinting now to try again, but any suggestions if that doesnt work? Different print settings or assembly (snap top to bottom or vice versa) maybe?

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Not sure what's wrong, but my rack and pinion for the steering are really loose.

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The wheeles is missing in the files, the one form the original design works as well?

Yes all the missing parts are the same as the original Xbox One mini wheel.

i have problems with the left joystick, the rack need a modification, i add a make

The ball on the end of the rack needs to be pushed inside the pivot part, yours is going through it.

I couldn't put recommended bearing onto this rod. Had to use glue.
Left stick was damaged by this clamp.
It was almost unable to turn.
Ive broken frame when putting it onto controller, had to reheat it

Printed on Ender 3, black PLA, 0.2 layer, 40% infill.
Im not sure if this was printer fault, bearing fitted snugly onto frame

Hello and thank you for the feedback!
By rod I'm guessing you mean the wheel part and I didn't change that part.
I will try to make the edges of the new pivot part a little bit smoother but sanding it should also help (some pictures would also help me a bunch to see the problem and try to fix it).
What do you mean it was almost unable to turn? Was any moving part of the mini wheel rubbing against the frame of the controller or was there a lot of friction between the frame part and the rack?
I found that printing it with only walls helps with strength (meaning the whole frame is made out of only walls).

Seems to scratch up the edges of the left thumbstick. I am using pretty old controllers, but the soft plastic/rubber of the thumbstick gets scratched off when putting and removing the thumbstick piece.

I never had that problem with my controller, maybe try sanding the edges of the pivot (thumbstick) part. In my case I even find it to be a little too big.

This looks amazing. can't wait to fix my printer and make this!! Thank you so much!

thank you!! :) I'm glad you like it!

Printing this atm so don't know if it works but big thanks for making it!

I hope it will work for you! When I have some time I will make a few changes to the pivot part (the little one that grabs the joystick) to make it fit a little better so keep an eye out for that. Thank you for giving it a go! :)

Yeah great! I was expecting this remix! Will it work in both wireless and wired controllers? Thanks a lot!

hello! The frame was designed around the wireless controller because that is what I have, but by looking at pictures of the wired version I think it should fit on it but since I made the little "legs" to grip around the battery tray I do not think it will be as stable on the wired controller than on the wireless one. You are welcome! :)

I can confirm it fits perfectly on the wired version \o/

The PLA has to be flexible though, I didn't check that and it broke on first insertion (also didn't use the right printer settings so I was obviously looking for trouble).

Thanks for this great model !

Also thanks for posting a pic of your turing path, it gives a good idea on the amount of work you provided, we should see that more often :+1

I am very happy to hear it fits on the wired version!
I didn't broke any frames like that but to put it on the controller you do have to flex it quite a lot so it was a concern for me from the beginning.
I had fun making it work so it was really no problem and I'm glad you appreciate my prototyping path thingy. :)

Nice! I have the wireless controller too. Will print right away!