Playground H0/HO scale

by Enely Aug 25, 2018
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can you post a photo of it printed

Second picture is of it printed but not painted etc. Usually H0 close ups doesn't look all that good thou, you can see every flaw so clearly! From a small viewing distance they are much nicer. I can see when I go to my father next time if he has placed the items anywhere in his town too :) Not sure if he has used all the items yet, he actually already had similar items which I had missed when I made these as present :/ Will check with him later today and see :) Might take a while to get new pics however.

Too small to get printed on my ender-3

H0 is tricky and as you can see when it's a close up photo my print isn't completely smooth either. From a normal viewing distance the items looks ok however and with some paint on I hope they will look good.

A tip is to not use a too small nozzle size. For really tiny things as H0 furniture or these playground thingies it actually looks better with a slightly thicker layer height. When you use thicker layers you don't need to have any supports since the thread is thick enough to not start sagging. To be sure you can add a single support in the middle of longer printing distances.

When printing with thinner layers I also have problems with that there are odd spaces between parts or within parts.

I can also add that I use a quite cheap printer (400 EUR) so if my printer can handle items, most printers probably can :)