Direct Bondtech BMG Extruder using E3D v6 and Volcano hotend 5015 Fan BLTouch for CR-10, Tevo Tornado and Ender-2

by redpiyaya Aug 26, 2018
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It doesn't happen often, but I have noticed that when prints fail in interesting ways. In my case layer separation on ABS catches the part cooling fan duct and ends up getting pushed into the heater block destroying the part cooling fan duct. Have you looked at designing the part cooling fan duct mounting bracket with two mounting points for better rigidity?

Whats the difference between the Ender-2 and Tevo Tornado version? Which version fits the CR-10?

I really like your design. I have a Folger Tech FT5 with a 713Maker Ultra Light Carriage and will be using a BMG, E3D Volcano. I am trying to figure out which parts I need from your files. On my carriage, the stepper is located to the rear and bolts through the carriage and into the BMG. Which mounting plate do you recommend from your files? I don't need part of your mounting plate that has a mount opposite of the part cooling fan. I guess I could print your file (that you recommend) and either cut that part off, or just leave it there as it won't limit build plate volume. I will lose a little as the fan will be on the left side and will hit my frame. I am willing to lose that small area of the build plate. Thanks for your help and your design!! If you would like, I will test it out and you can add the FT5 to the list of printers it works on!

It’s a little scary to see the BLTouch so close from the print

as per BLTouch instructions, there should be just be about 2mm distance to the tip of the nozzle when retracted.

I had barely 1mm, it went into the first print. Could it be the short distance E3D V6 that is shorter than the one with PTFE tube ? Anyway, i remixed the mount with a hole so the BLTouch is higher, About the same height as the prusa fan duct. I also cut 2 holes for the screw's head so they won't be in the way of the stepper.

I see the issue here. You are not using the Original Antclabs BLTouch. Yours says "Based on Antclabs BLTouch". I am using the Original Antclabs BLTouch and Original E3D V6 kit.

Oh ok. Good to know. I will add this into my description. Thanks

Thanks for the design. I had some problem with the extruder stepper as the bltouch screws head were in the way. What i miss now is some cables management. Mine are all over the place

Im curious about performance with the extra weight of direct drive on Tornado. I understood the Tornado's main feature was a very lightweight print head ( and small gantry) allowing it to move fast and accurate. Do you find print speeds need to be slower with direct drive to get good print without ringing or other artifacts?

How do you have the Volcano mounted to the Torando? Did you just use someone else's Volcano mount for it? If so, which one?

i remixed the mount shown on this thing.

Comments deleted.

This might work with CR-10. Not tested.

This does indeed work on the CR-10. Nice design man, thank you.

Hoping it works with my Ender 3, BMG and E3Dv6. Did you not like the PetsFang? He claims he can't get the E3Dv6 mounted to the BMG direct without going outside the print area. So the PetsFang has a gap between BMG and top of the v6. Planning to print in Taulman 910 if I can.

I didn't like the idea of the gap in between the extruder and the E3Dv6 and the ptfe tube in between is not even straight. It gave me a jam one time and destroyed the ptfe tubing.

I dont get it - this is direct drive?? Shouldnt be any PTFE below the extruder

That sounds like an amazingly bad idea not to have a straight filament path.

13 days in I'm still waiting for my Ender 3 (supposedly in stock in the US Creality warehouse) to arrive at the US warehouse to be shipped to me. No idea why they don't drop ship direct, but I can guess they arrive on pallets there.

Thanks for confirming.