Makita Guide Rail Splinter Guard Cover

by ksuszka Aug 26, 2018
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Very nice design, quite useful, too.
I do not use my guide rail that often and these caps are excellent for protecting it and especially the splinter guard from any accidential damage while it is in storage.

I would suggest removing the small securing ribs on the end caps which center / hold the caps horizontally (when the rail is laid flat). I had to file those away to fit the caps and I think the vertical securing ribs are sufficient for securely holding the end caps.

Other than that, great design! Prints nicely and works well.

Thank you for your kind words.

Current models are indeed prepared with no additional tolerances, there is exactly 64mm between those horizontal ribs in the model, as it is the measured distance on my guide rail. However, one could print them upscaled a little bit (something like 101% should probably work).
And if it doesn't work, there is always a possibility to customize models using the attached source file.

True, printing larger or modifying the file and reprinting is an option. However, after filing that one rib it worked perfectly and for now I don't need more than a set. Pretty cool to include the F3D archive file, didn't even notice it in my haste. That comment made me go back and download the F3D archive of the makita rail for when I'll start designing my own little addendums for the guide rail.

The main reason I gave that feedback is that should you agree with my opinion you might update the files here on thingiverse to make it easier for other people to print and use the splinter guard cover. Only if you feel like it though.