Ender 3 tensioner - uses stock bearings and screw

by davidtriune Aug 26, 2018
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This thing is absolutely terrible. Spent 2 hours printing this just to have it snap into pieces before I could even get enough tension on the belt. Do not waste your time or filament on this, it will not work.

hi, I just uploaded a stronger case, but it stretches out belts more so shorter belts from new Enders may not fit.

This is WAY too flimsy.

hi, I just uploaded a stronger case, but it stretches out belts more so shorter belts from new Enders may not fit.

This is great addition to mod the Ender 3... But it seems like its not needed anymore for the latest version of Ender3 but if you really needed a tight fit, you can use this... But be very careful and adjust it correctly. I tried it myself and i ended up damaging my belt. Not the prints fault although it might need some adjustments for the people that have the current version of Ender3 i got mine on Sept.

I aligned everything perfect. did a couple of runs and it seems good. However i decided to leave my print one time and by the time its almost done i can hear some weird clicking. At first i thought its the filament. turns out the belt tilted and its been rubbing the aluminium between the contact of the print and the aluminium bar.

I know what happened and i know what the issue is. Just giving a heads up on the current version owners of Ender3. Again, current owners you probably don't need it. but to each its own.

Never try to print this file. It's a remixed bogus weak print.

I wasted some filament and found that it has design flaws. Compared it with the original. Look at these pictures.

This guy should be sued!!!

You should seek medical help you know?

Amount of hate and venom thats spilling from you here and on fb over a 5 gram of plastic is immense. People like you usually seek medical help so that get better. I encourage you to do that as well.

Hideki Shinichi is a chronic liar who promotes false models to print without a doubt. He is hiding his identity by all means. Presumably living in UK and white male.

Comments deleted.

those parts are widened so the bolt head could fit?? you can always go back to the original.

Amazing...Thank you dude!

Printed this out and tested it. This design unfortunately doesn't work for me. It puts an incredible amount of additional friction on the bearing itself. In any design that involves a bearing, it is important to ensure the inside of the bearing is secured and the outer wall of the bearing isn't touching anything. This design doesn't allow for that, the bearings slip into the groove and simply just sit inside of it, with no sort of washer or sleeve to secure just the middle of the bearing, the bearing outer walls touch the plastic side walls and create resistance on the bearing.

You can loosen the nut or remove it completely, but as soon as you put any tension on the belt, the bearing will tilt or shift to one side and put pressure on the walls again.

I love the idea of using all the stock hardware, but this doesn't replicate how the bearing is originally held secure. I'm going to try to see if I can't fit some washers between the bearing and wall.

my first design had more room on the sides, and it just tilted too easily. I'm happy with the way mine glides, though I had to 1. wrap tape around the bolt 2. screw on thumbwheel in such a way that the left and right sides are level so the bearing stays in the middle.

Yea I didn't expect it to work perfectly, but at least it's better than non-bearing right? the bearing itself isn't good and the bolt doesnt fit well, but convenient over non stock parts.

Great design, love keeping the stock bearings and screws.

printed and working.... tips. I had to use a raft on 1 of the pieces the 2 printed fine a brim. depending how calibrated your machine is will determine how easily the nut will thread onto the screw. It was really tight for me so I just tooks some sand paper and sanded down the threads a lil bit till I could get the nut to thread freely. I also noticed after I had installed it that my belt started to twist a lil on the vgrove this problem was a plastic bur at the top of the case part that mounts against the vgrove. just things to look for, happy printing.

its way to tight to put on even without tension. if i put the printed piece on first i cant get the belt on the notch in the extruder, if i put the belt onto the extruder notch i cant get the piece on the end on the axis :(

Same here. August batch of Ender-3. I liked the idea anyway!

are they shipping out shorter belts now? if it's that tight already, maybe just stick to the old tensioner. Mine was really loose.

I think perhaps they have shortened the x-axis belt a little. The hole for the screw is a couple mm short of being aligned so the bolt can be used. You could maybe stretch it somehow to get the bolt in but the belt would be extremely tight. Not sure if you could have the belt too tight.
Is there any way of modifying the file so that the tensioner screw goes into the case a little further? Have the screw go up to the bottom of the curve. I think the gap that is currently there would be sufficient to be able to use it. Not sure if this would impact integrity at all though or prevent use of the bearing.

As mentioned elsewhere as well, the screw on the x-axis is shorter so there isn't enough thread to tighten on the bolt. But I'm happy to just source a longer bolt there or see how it goes without the nut.

ok thanks for your comment. will see what i can do.

just remade the case. let me know if it fits now


Worked great thanks!

np! :) updating my file now.

Awesome! Thank you. Will let you know how it goes.

You mention wrapping the m7 screw in tape, do you mean around the thread on the opposite side of the head? Thanks.

just the middle where the bearing sits so the bearing has little play as possible.

update: i found the belt is offcentered mostly because the left and right sides aren't level when you screw on the thumbwheel

so ive already printed the orginals (didn't read the descriptions needing other hardware) I'd like to use the stock bolt and bearing. Would i Have to print all the pieces again, or can i get away with just printing 1 piece?

you can reuse the old thumbwheel (i just made the grooves bigger), but I did change the other 2 files.

Tried to use this on my new Ender 3 that I received about 3 weeks ago. The stock bearing screw has a head diameter of 13.8mm, this printed out allowing for a 12.8mm head.

the head isn't meant to go inside the hex dents, you'll still be able to move it around.

Ahhh. I can see that in your photos now on a 2nd glance. Thanks for the clarification!

Reprinted as the first one cracked the "outer body" when trying to get the bolt threaded on the nut. Still not convinced this fits the new Ender 3 bolts. The Bolt makes it through but only leaves a hair of thread for the nut to fasten on the other side.
May play with some washers and longer bolt to get things lined up and proper.

I can screw all the way, but too tight so -1 thread. you can probably get away without using a nut. what dimensions are you getting for screw.stl?

My download is from 8/26, I see you have an update now. But my screw printed dimensions are... 38mm Tall, 24mm Dia., "bearing clearance" is 11.8mm, "hex head" is 12.8mm.

the hex looks like a tight fit, make sure its really in there. else maybe you did get a smaller bolt? i can't measure mine cuz it's printing something big, but it's about 29mm including head.

So.... Looks like this would be fine for the Y-Axis as it's bolt is about 39mm long (head at 13.75mm dia.). The X-Axis tensioner bolt is only 28mm in length with the same head dia.

yea, so the hex on my y just sits at the end of the bolt. that's why i say you can probably get away without using a nut.

after adding this, my x axis was skipping steps.

did you check both ends to see if the belt was grinding against the aluminum? i had this problem. If so, you need to move the belt ends in the carriage slots so they line up in the middle of the v-slot.

I tried that too, didn't work for me. Maybe just a bad print. I"ll try again soon.