Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Prusa (Bear) MK3 / MK2S / MK2.5 Y-Axis Belt Holder and Tensioner

by uepsie Aug 26, 2018
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You haven't any problem if screw unscrew with vibrations ?

I was wondering the very same thing.

After about 1500h of prints I haven't noticed any loosening.

Could you make one with the belts at the correct level spacing (even) for those who use a 16 tooth idler?

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I am building a Core XY and would like to incorporate this design in it. Would you share the CAD files please?

Hi Buj

I dropped you a private message

Well, this is not working for the MK3 at all. Its not only running into the frame on two sides, the belt is scratching on the underside and... ah well look at the attached pictures.

I can confirm the issue. I'm also having the belt slip while tightening/tensioning even with the cover on. (I managed to whittle off the corners on both sides to make it pass the frame). I downloaded it yesterday, Nov 21, 2018.

Printed using atomic filament PETG, same as I used on the bear extruder upgrades

When did you download it?

The day before I wrote the comment

Same problem here. For this to work the 20T idler would need to sit lower. But even then the 16T pulley on the motor leaves even less room between the belts. It's a great design - but seems not quite right yet.

I used the original files to get the dimensions right. It's working flawlessly at my mk3

How much clearance is there between the bottom of the carriage and belt for the MK3?

I haven't put together my Bear Upgrade yet, just printing the parts for it now. I've been taking measurements and been toying with designing a Y-Carriage with tensioner built in like you, but one of my issues is determining how much I can add to the height of the part before it starts rubbing.

The issue I'm seeing is that your part comes in at 27.8mm, but comparing to my measurements, that's too tall and would result in rubbing. The most I can do is 25.5mm before I risk the belt rubbing.

Hi Hotpocketdeath

the belt is indeed close to the bottom of the block but there's still ~1mm clearance

Not sure I understand the drawing. But to me it seems like there is not enough clearance. Especially when you get closer to the motor.

Very nice work! Thank you :-)