Ender 3 Bed Handle

by raktron Aug 27, 2018
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raktron, love your simplistic design, will print it for my Ender 3 Pro

noob here so quick question, what settings do you suggest for support? I'm using cura to slice and by default have Generate Support enabled, Support Placement = Everywhere, Overhangle Angle = 50

Sorry for the late response - I was traveling. Please make sure you print the adapted version for the Ender 3 Pro. My original version is not wide enough in the raised center section to clear everything on the 3 Pro:

Your support settings should work just fine.

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No worries, I just did and everything looks great. Now the pain that is removing the bed and therefore having to recalibrate it all over again lol

raktron, I used your handle for months before I tried remixing it with a GoPro mount. Respects to you for such a clean design, thanks!

I printed the GoPro mount version and it printed perfectly except for where the camera mount was added. It looks like there's some separation in the model that caused it to slice poorly. When removing supports the entire mount section sheared off and left a smooth flat partial circle outline. I just printed a 33mm circle and glued that to the handle and then glued the GoPro mount to that. If you're going to print that version I'd recommend trying to repair it in Meshmixer first.

I'm really sorry about the problem with the GoPro mount version. I removed the file since I'm note sure how to correct the problem. Another user asked me if I could make a GoPro mount version, so I attempted to "cut and paste" a GoPro mount from another design on to the bed handle. Unfortunately, the software I used to do this apparently has some bugs when generating STL files with more complicated shapes, and I did not know it at the time. I hope someone else will be able to remix the handle to incorporate a camera mount.

I should have looked at the comments before printing the go pro version. :(

My apologies, I was traveling when the issue was first reported and forgot to delete the GoPro mount file upon returning from my trip. It's gone now. (I'd have prefered to fix the problem but not sure how.)

I faced the similar problems and also realized that it is not compatible with the pro version of ender 3

Pixl3D just made a version of the handle for the ender 3 pro: https://www.thingiverse.com/asset:131570
No camera mount, but maybe someone will be able to make that happen as well. Since I don't have a GoPro to test/measure with, and my previous attempt resulted in a file that had printing issues (due to the CAD software I will no longer be using), I'm not going to try it again at this time.

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Hi raktron, I allowed myself to modify your design to adapt to the ender 3 PRO. Work fine with mine. Feel free to share.

Very cool. I'm adding a link to the description.

Can this be added as a remix or listed somewhere?

I'm not really sure I understand what you are asking.

Quick question, could you make the center raised section for the GoPro wider to accommodate the 4040 extrusion on the Ender 3 Pro? The current version is too tight. Maybe add 10 mm to each side? Thanks

I second this. A version for the Ender-3 Pro would be awesome!