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Basic Circular Sieve (for testing MP Mini-Delta build-plate leveling)

by towerdweller Aug 28, 2018
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Mine does the same thing. Is the belt too tight or loose? Is the effected thin area closest to the belt that is out of adjustment?

I think that's what it was. My bro has been solving most of the hardware issues while I'm tackling the digital stuff. I'll ask him exactly what he did and what how-to videos he followed, and get back to you. :)

Thanks for the reply! after doing some reading, this is pretty common. I was thinking that I might have damaged the build plate or micro switches trying to remove stubborn prints with a bit of force.

Sorry for this reply being late.... Hopefully you've found the answer already.

The MP Mini Delta came with a set of allen wrenches, the largest of which fits three small hexagonal screws on top of the printer. Turning these adjusts the belt tension, and it takes simple trial-and-error to get it balanced right---starting and stopping several test prints until it prints first layers evenly and not too thin or thick.

This problem arose for me again yesterday, and not only did I learn how to fix it myself, I witnessed what might have been the actual cause of the tension getting messed-up in the first place! (It wasn't yanking a stuck model off the build plate.) A couple of prints prior to realizing it was messed-up, I had paused two prints before the printer had even completed their first layer, and that caused the printer to jam its nozzle into the build plate extremely hard, both times. It made a nasty grinding sound, which must have been the belts. I noticed later, when I realized the first layers of prints were thinning on one side again, that the thinning was occurring on the same side of the build-plate as where the nozzle had 'punched' it. So, don't pause prints too early in the print, and maybe this problem can be generally avoided in the future. :D Cancelling prints early on still seems to be fine, so I guess that's our only option if a print gives us an immediate problem----even if it's one we could otherwise solve.

Good info! Thank you very much! I'll try experimenting with the belt tension.

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You're welcome. Sorry again that I let whole weeks go by....