Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

forkLIFT MK1 CoreXY 3D Printer

by brunofporto Oct 4, 2018
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Hi Bruno, I'm finding your design remarkable and highly interesting. In searching images, I've found absolutely no instance of anyone else placing the motors as you have done. The only comment I've found about it was over at https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/8021/corexy-belt-pattern/8 where the extra idlers were noted. Other than that potential (7 idlers vs 4 per loop) I don't see any downside, and the advantages are pretty neet:

no belt obstruction accessing the print area from the front
very fine means of tension adjust
motors outside the enclosure
belt routing is almost entirely between the frame extrusions, providing greater room for platform motion within the frame interior, and ease of adding enclosure panels outside the frame.

I've trial printed a motor mount and find the fit and engineering just excellent. I think all of the extrusion I have on hand is 2525, so some remixing will be necessary for some of it. I really like the integrated z mounts and how you've arranged them for no support printing. I think what I have for the platform extrusion is 1010 (or 1515) so a bit of remix there too.

Now for just the one question I have. All of the idler posts are supported on both ends, except for those on the motor mounts. Should the motor idler posts be supported on both ends also, or is the bolt head of those idler posts expected to be supported just by the cutout in the bottom plate? Seems like it would be easy to support on both ends, or does that complicate assembly/disassembly?

Thank you very much!!!

The belts pattern is the same as the Hypercube, Hypercube Evolution and I just changed the position of the motor. It is more closely related to the E3D tool changer printer. But they have one idler less than mine (which is better). I could not use the same solution as E3D due to sticking with the extrusion frame.

Yes, due to the direction of the force applied to those idlers at the motor mounts the head of the screw is supported by the bottom plate. I choose the cutout to make it easyer to pass the belt around. And after that you fix the bottom plate before any tensioning.

Hi Bruno...what about an option for 1204 ballscrews on Z

Sorry!!!! Just saw your message today. I'll look into it next week.

Hi Bruno,

Happy new year to you!

Any updates on this project?


Happy new year to you too! Thank you :D

Yes. But the published parts are still part of it. Check the facebook's group for the latest updates. :D

why not update all parts here so every one can download it searching some info on fb groups is pain in the a... search option in fb isnt perfect

Bogas, the files here still. the most up to date. Only discussions on prototypes and modifications I am working on are published at the FaceBook group. Any tested and published part still been published here.


Where on the facebook group can I see the updates? Sorry, but, i dont use facebook that much.


Boa tarde, tudo bem ?

Amigo, este projeto será usado com Marlin ? se sim vc já teria o Marlin referente a ele ? e seria possível disponibilizar, caso tenha ?

Desde já agradeço muito, vc tem um ótimo projeto aqui, meus parabéns !!

Eu to usando o RepRapFirmware nela.

Muito obrigado!! :D

Fala companheiro brazuca!
Do you have plans to remix the parts to fit 2020 extrusion profiles?
I currently have my version of a regular hypercube, so i have a bunch of 2020 profiles and compatible hardware that i wanna use. i'm planning some upgrades and this design looks perfect for what i'm looking for.
If you feel confortable, would be nice to share the fusion 360 files with the comunity... But anyway, thanks for sharing your cool project!

Would you be willing to share your fusion 360 files? I am looking to remix your design to fit on Open builds 40x40 aluminum extrusion which has dual slots on each side. Thanks! Hope it's possible, you have awesome deaign intuition!!

This really looks exciting. I'm currently using an old Rostock Max that's starting to get a little loose and I was thinking about building a CoreXY. I've got a few print projects backlogged at the time, but I'll start printing these parts off soon...

Thanks! Please share the make :D

非常感谢你 (using google translate!) :D

Nice job, Bruno, I will start building this printer just to see it working. I like the concept of the 2 XY steppers.

Thank you Mr. Rodat! I always got inspiration from your builds and designs! I will be an honor to see you building one!!! :D

Very nice job! I am thinking of making a new printer and will definitely consider your project. As soon as you be able to share your Onshape files I will take a look at them. Thank you for this project!

Thank you!! I just need to find a way to share it apart from the main project as there is a lot of concepts, ideias, and other random stuff I tried to solve some components :D

But I'll export the STEP files of most components as soon as possible. I need to update the bed brackets file but it very hard to export manually all 0,5mm steps :D Onshape does not have any type of "batch export" even for configurations.

is this set up for 8mm rods?

8mm at the X, 10mm at Y and 12mm Z. A remix with all shafts 8mm will follow as soon as possible :D

actually I was asking because I'm currently set up 10 and 10. do you think that will be do able?

There two paths for this. Designing a thicker X-Carriage that can handle the extra size of the LM10UU bearing or use thinner bushing options like Igus JSM series.

The Y carriage needs to be updated too but I think that It will be simpler to execute. :D

I'll design at thicker one ASAP

Hi, Have you made an update to the X/Y joiner to accommodate 10mm X rods?

Any chance of sharing the CAD files?

I designed the entire printer using OnShape, a cloud-based CAD, and as soon as I learn how to share the project in a way that does not mess with the source I'll publish the link. :D

Understood. Thanks!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you!!! Please feel free to make any suggestions!

Nico approach. I think the X carriage could be part of the lid. Puting the spikes on the corners and the accurate seats on the body side would secure the accuracy but you can remove many bars.

That is nice idea!!! Thanks! But also could be troublesome.... I could not open it while printing and considering my attention spam I would do that for sure LOL

The top lid, in the end, is optional - the main printer is just a cube with the lateral extrusions. Anything extra you can do at your taste.

In this case I would like to have a glass/transparent/fake mirror (mirror to inside) front door. Removable lateral panels for easy maintenance. With some thermal insulation inside to have a true heat chamber :D

But can be a naked cube like my current Hypercube Evolution and it will work nicely!