Customizable Modular Building

by stevemedwin Apr 24, 2014
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Sorry I accidentally posted 2 of the same picture. It's a pool hall.

Cool but why do you only have 1 file that is the front of the house and no file that is the side of the house?

Use the Customizer to turn on or off the doors. If the doors are off, then it's a side. If the doors are on, then it's the front.

Thanks for your post! I really like it, I don't model N scale but my cousin does. So I'm printing them for him. Could you possibly tell me what % to import into Tinkercad to make it O scale? Thanks!

N scale is 1:160 and O scale is 1:48. So try scaling the design by 3.33x or 333% and you should be fine.

good- working on 4 projects- great for odd shaped older buildings- will post/send pictures as i finish

ok great! the Netfab fix on all of these is 4 split manifolds no matter how selected, must be something in the main model. cant see it but its very minor fix. been looking for this type thing for a year now, thanks for sharing! Ill be following your work

I was able to print them fine without doing any repairs.

thats likely since its minor. I just run everything through Netfab b4 filing to save time later. I have a couple thousand files needing it due to not knowing this stuff a year ago. LOL also if you resize/scale something often it needs repaired after to fix tiny distortions I have found. just FYI for others.
I cant seem to get customizer to make 7 or 9 window versions of this yet.

got the 7 thru 10 horizontal ones to work after 3 tried fails in customizer for some reason

how large of print area are your models designed to fit in? I have an Solidoodle 2 6x6 base

The print area depends on the size of the building but you can certainly print them on a 6x6 platform.

so its N scale? need option for single or double doors and door placement in any window spot. love the old cut stone look none available in N. maybe add dif fascias to choose and dif walls like regular brick, block, clap board, siding etc.

I did design it for N scale. It looks like you are trying out all the variations in the Customizer, too.


yes but getting some errors on some combos, still trying to figure which but looks like any with 7 to 9 windows and 10 window with just blank bricks 2 stories high. also all have 4 spots to repair in netfab maybe the bricks pattern. I am making some blank walls to cut a single wide door or window in for back of buildings on main street style. also doing some appatment/hotels for my city NTRAK module

I'm new at this and liked your buildings as I have an ho layout. When I tried to print out the building ,but the front and top is all that I could find? the side and back never show up?


Rick -

In the Customizer (select "Open in Customizer" from the main part page), you need to add a door and the windows you want for the front and back. You can save each side separately in order to create the four walls.


I agree what's with the 3D printers and their n-scale obsession? We want HO!! ;)

I've found it's easier to go from N to HO than the other way around. Enjoy the model!

What would it take to scale up to HO scale??

After you load the STL file into your slicer, scale it by 160/87 and then slice it. It will then print in HO scale.

Scaling by x1.84 or 184% seems to work like a treat!! THX!!!

I need one to build a full scale house or home. buildings you know.

Awesome design! This is going to change the way model wargames are played in our gaming group

These would go GREAT with the tanks and vehicles that were featured recently.

very nice implementation! I wonder how you could modify the script to adapt the wall (without windows) and use it to make a paved road or sidewalk with curb (without the indents on the roof overhang)... maybe instead of windows it creates sewer manholes or potholes, lol - interesting possibilities.

Anything is possible. My goal was to keep the first version simple and then see where it goes. You can print it now without the roof crenelations. And if you download the OpenSCAD file, you can make all sorts of tweaks.
Glad you like it.