Parametric Card Box

by Roguenorm Aug 29, 2018
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All in all a very helpful thing.

I can't get the text to work though.
I changed the front from honeycomb to text without changing anything else and
text_1 and text_2 overlap. (see image)

Also, any chance of getting text_1 on the front and text_2 on the back?

There is no image, so I can't see the problem, but based on your description, and trying it myself, the overlapping is happening because the height of the box is too short to fit two lines of text with the given font and spacing parameters. try reducing the font size so that the fonts don't overlap or try adjusting the top_text_z_offset and bottom_text_z_offset values to space the lines of text out more. At present, the same text will go on the sides you choose. there are two text strings text_1 and text_2. If you want something different for the front or back side, just search for those strings in the code and then manually change it from the variable to the string you want (i.e. "new string now" ) for the side you want different.

I'm assuming the dimensions are all in mm?

yes, all in mm.

Nice work to enable all the different options. Text extrusion was a little hard in openscad, the text kept floating away from the box unless I modified some extra parameters, perhaps the comments/instructions are not quite right?

The only thing I could think that might help was to include notches on the sides. With multiple separated decks, grabbing from front / back doesn't work, you need to grab from the sides. But it's a minor thing, great job, and kudos to this and the one that came before from @lufton

Thanks for letting me know about the text. I will have to look at that. Good idea about the side notches. I'll have to think about that though as I'm not sure what the best way to implement it would be for very thin decks.

Perhaps just have the lid longer than the thin top side, so that the cards protrude a defined amount. I could imagine in my case setting "card protrusion", or "lid over-length" to 1cm.

That is a good idea. I will definitely incorporate that when I update the scad file.

Any word on adding Text?

Working on other things lately. Still plan on getting this done.

how to modify the separator in box and dimension ?

Change the values in these variables:
deck_thicknesses = [51]; //y coma separated deck thicknesses; dictates internal box width
l = 51; //x
h = 88; //z

so for separated sections in the box, you would put something like deck_thicknesses = [30,30,20] to create two spaces of 30 mm thickness and a third space of 20 mm.

You can change the width of the spacers themselves by changing the value of deck_spacer

what is average print time for one of these boxes?
I know time will vary depending on sizes so....
im looking for deck boxes for sleeved EDH decks. (2.5"x3.5"x2.5" roughly)
ive tried other boxes and they take many many hours to print and waste way to much filament.
I was hoping this one would be different.

Made a couple of quick stls using your approximate dimensions, then sliced them in Simplify 3D. Here's the results.

With honeycombing: ~4 hrs 50 minutes and takes 50 g filament
Without honeycombing: ~5 hrs 10 minutes and takes 58 g filament

The honeycombing saves a bit of time and filament, but reducing the wall width would do more. You might be able to go as low as a 1.2 mm bottom wall width and a 0.8 mm wall width for the top, but that would probably be very flimsy.

Not sure how much lower than these amounts you want to go.

That is with a printing speed of 50 mm/s, 2 top and 2 bottom layers, 2 outlines, and 20% infill with a 2 mm width case wall. I imagine you could reduce the infill to as little as 10% without issue, but I haven't tested that at all.

Thank you for the tests. That seems like best times so far. I might tweak them up a bit ... maybe make honeycomb a bit larger.
Thank you for this design.

No problem. Be aware that the current version of the box does not properly center the honeycomb on the wall as you change the cell size and cell wall width. I'm working on that, and should have it fixed soon.