Barcode Burr Master Set

by pacificpuzzleworks Aug 29, 2018
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Hey mate, I just wanted to tell you this is the best designed thing I've ever gotten my hands on.
I just pressed the pieces together (.75) and they've just magically locked into place.

Only recommendation I could make is that adding identifiers on faces that end up hidden away would be trivial (simple vertical notches, or dots) and would make assembly a much simpler task. Considering the absolute amazing design I'm assuming you've memorised which bits which, but for us mere mortals swapping two pieces is a very difficult mistake to identify


You are amazing, thank you so much!!

Hello are you going to publish the new upgrade files of the Barcode Burr.
(This ones of the image)

Yes I will upload those files soon. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you very much for the guide, and the color image with it I could see that I had the puzzle the wrong way assembled and that was why I could take the pieces out in a few movements. Thank you so much for everything.
I wish my English is ok, because I’m Spanish ;-)

Is there any guide for assembly the 2.0 model, the 1.0 was very easy but the 2.0 uhhh

I just edited the page with a bunch of information about how to solve the puzzle. When you mention that the 1.0 model was easy but the 2.0 model is hard... I'm wondering if perhaps you were "jumping the mazes" because the version 1.0 geometry made it a bit easier for that to happen instead of being forced to follow the proper solution sequence.

Thanks for your great design, I can't imagine how someone designs something like this, what a great talent. I just posted a make of this and was able to assemble it in a matter of minutes, it was pretty easy, maybe 5 moves ......... I am anxiously awaiting for my socket head cap screws to arrive Monday. LOL
Thanks again !

I printed one of the smaller parts that has a screw hole and a F shaped keyway.
I took some rough measurements and came up with a scale of 150% to try with M3 bolts.
I'll let you know how it works. :)

Hello! Thanks for your feedback on this design. I'm about to upload a new version of the files with a slightly wider path width (bumping it up from 4.0mm to 4.2mm) and I think that should work well for M2 screws if I shrink the pilot holes down a little bit. My hunch is that such a "custom metric" file will work out better for scaling up to 150% in order to get to M3 screws because of the way that the head-to-shaft diameter ratio is so formulaic. Hopefully I can upload metric files within the next few days so check back soon.

+1 for metric version :)

Well OK then, I've just uploaded metric versions of the STL files. Good luck, and have fun!

Right on Bro! :D

Awesome! Im sure Im not the only one who will appreciate this! Using metric nuts and bolts is what we work with all the time with these printers and projects. Im printing out a 150% scaled version of all the parts required to make this model now. Will take some time before its ready to assemble, but I will post lots of pics and accurate feedback as soon as I can.

Thanks again my friend! :)

I just uploaded metric versions of the piece files. I've tried them out and they work great for M2 screws at 100% scaling factor, but I have not yet tried scaling it up by 150% for M3 yet. Please let me know if you have any success with this!

Wow gotta print a bunch of these, but I only have M3 metric bolts of this type.

Is there any chance you could modify the part to use M3 screws instead of Imperial sizes?

Im sure most of us prefer M3 since this is what we most commonly have for our 3d printers, upgrades, etc...

Thank you for sharing!!! :D

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I just have to say that I first saw your work not even 5 minutes ago and am already a true fan of your puzzles. They are amazing. Please continue your puzzle making, as I am eccentric to see what follows.