737 Throttle quadrant

by hein4bloed Aug 30, 2018
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Hi Hein
Thank you very much for this detailed work. I dont have a 3 d printer and i would like to invest in one. i am unable to access the sketchup fine from this site. is there way you can help.
thank you

what scale is this throttle? I printed the throttle lever as a test part at 100% scale and it fits in the palm of my hand

Did you figure out the scaling issue? I'm having the same problem. Printed the left throttle base and left reverser. They fit together perfect, but fit in the palm of my hand. I did import the model into Fusion 360 and took measurements. The model printed matches the dimensions checked in Fusion 360. Using Cura 4.0 for slicer.

i just checked the issue in sketchup and fusion as well and measured the dimensions. they are correct (x about 223 mm and y about 190 mm). Maybe you have a problem with the settings of your slicer?

The Scale is nearly 1:1. Check your settings in the slicer app....

A great Project. I did my 767 TQ with a milling machine - now into 737-800 and have just started in 3D. looking forward to getting far enough along to replace my so-so TQ (which still works perfectly - not motorised but with all functions working ) with your great looking setup. I use opencockpits for the electronics and have the rest of the cockpit to rebuild as 737. looks like years of fun coming up

so far so good with the build. I have purchased the electronics and started assembly. A few notes to those building

By cutting out the forward inlay/notch of the servo plate and drilling 2 mounting holes- I was able to use the same stepper motor to control each throttle lever independently using the same 28BYJ-4 stepper as for the stabs. I'm hoping it has enough power. I'm not sure what the intended servo part was supposed to be as it doesn't seem to be listed in the skp file.

To make up for the length of shaft on that 28BYJ-4, I took the ZR_TrimNeedle_Motor gear into tinkercad and extended it to 17mm thickness from its original 4mm thickness. I hope this meshing of two gears will have enough torque.

Great modification! You are an expert!!! :-)


there is no Pot to to attach to the reversers, they are triggered only by a microswitch positioned at the top inside of the handle.

This is a Great file, Can someone explain to me how the reverse thrust works I dont see how to attach a pot to it.

I am very keen to make this; it looks amazing. Please can you tell me how many degrees of rotation is provided by the lever to the potentiometers? The pots that I want to connect to my joystick card are 300 degrees. Will they be suitable?


The degree of rotation is about 40-50°. you can adjust by calibrating in the sim-software

Very nice! finished assembling my throttle, sadly my interface card stopped working at the same time.. so it will a while before I can properly test it :P just a tip to everyone making this: Check that your pots work before putting everything together...
and one more thing, the work you have done is awesome! but I would just like to point out that the grips on the reverse handles are quite a bit smaller than the real thing.
I will post pictures when I get it all working :)
and again thank you for your hard work!

Thank you for your nice comment! I am curious how your print will look like!!

Trim_Wheel_B ist now uploaded. Sorry....

No reason to be sorry at all! You did a great service with this model - it is amazingly high quality and adding the sketch fab was something that many designers do not do! I can't wait to add some photos to the makes tab!

I love this model and am just about done printing and ready to build - but it seems trim_wheel_A is missing it's mate trim_wheel_B - are you able to upload?

edit - if anyone needs this trim wheel. You can erase all other parts in the sketch up file - and then separate using the arrow the trim wheel and export the B part until it is uploaded here. Don't worry if you've already printed everything else - the scale will be the same with a direct export like this.

Thank you again to the author for this amazingly detailed model.

Hello Nice model! I was thinking of taking all the parts from an existing USB joystick and integrating them. Seems like that would be straightforward and simpler than using scratch built input device. They are super cheap and I have a few if them to gut. Its a big project but might be fun and this model looks like a good starting point. Thanks for uploading it!

Hi hein4bloed-

This is a very excellent design. I actually started doing my own design in NX 11 but it's taking so much time to clean up.
Do you have the wiring, electrical components needed, assembly instruction and how you interfaced it with mobiflight and Arduino to share with the us?

Hi jwmartty,
Thank you for your comment. I am sorry not to be able to provide further detailed instructions due to the time i would have to invest. Please read my responses to the other comments. You are free to fit the design according to your needs.
I hope you understand that Ican not give a detailed parts list, wiring instruction, arduino and mobiflight programming and a step-by-step assembly instruction.

Thank you


No problem, thanks.

Goodday Sir

Which servo you used?


how much filament os needed to print all the files ?

you need about one kg filament, I printed with grey and white filament.

ok thank you and is it made so the throttles have one pot each?
and how does the servo controll both thrust levers ?

The levers control the engines independently, so you need one pot (50k) for each lever. the same with the servos, you need two of them to control the levers independently. The (+) wire of the servos is connected through a relais which only acts if (AP= on) and (ATHR = on). If the conditions are not given, the levers can be moved freely with the servos beeing moved passively through the levers. works great!

ah ok, thank you :)

woowww.. how to make it ... is there a mount guide _?

You have to download sketch up and figure out from the built model how all the pieces go - it isn't too bad.

Wow, das Ding macht doch mal was her! :)