Ender-3 ASSM (Angled Side Spool Mount)

by izzymoreno Aug 30, 2018
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I like this design. The only thing I would change Is make a version that has the slots for a m4 nut. I'm somewhat scared to trust my spool hanging from bolts threaded directly into plastic. I haven't printed this yet for that reason as the normal non angled one has nuts that I know aren't going to tear out.

Hi. Thats really no problem, especially if you dont scew/unscrew it 100 times :D before you tear out the threads you will break the whole part :P

Yeah, I ended up printing it, and it's plenty strong. You're right. I was concerned but I'm fairly sure the plastic would snap before the threads would tear out as well. Especially since I printing it 1% smaller and at 100% infill. Those bolts aren't going anywhere.

Awesome, thanks for making this. Made it with 5 walls to be sure it's robust and it worked out perfectly. :)

sounds good bro :)


I'm wondering what kind of software you use to design this kind of stuff... I want to design stuff like this myself. Looks great!

im using different tools like solidworks, fusion, freecad...and sometimes even tinkercad for small STL-Adjustments :D

I am new to 3D printing and don't recognize your term "perimeter" where you suggest to print 4 perimeters. I am using Cura. What can you tell me about perimeters?

exactly.. wall lines/perimeters/shell thickness/outlines :)

He means wall line count. Sometimes also called shell thickness

I tried this and the feeding is much improved! Unfortunately the 'normal' height version of this part isn't tall enough to hold a roll of Hatchbox filament (it rests on the table). Thanks for the idea!

ohh bad, thank for your reply about that. i will note this and recommend the bigger one.