WW2 Tank Minesweeper "Sherman Crab"

by Adi13 Aug 31, 2018
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I love it, but its on the wrong tank, the reason I say that is because it's going to whip the barrel.

Yea, at the time I didn't have a 75 mm variant so I used my 1/35 76mm M4A3E8. If you would like to see it on a M4A3 75 I can upload a picture. Thanks for commenting!


That would be great, I have that Easy Eight Sherman and M4 Sherman early production both 1/35 scale.

Great work! I've been looking everywhere for the Sherman "Dozer" variant to add onto my 1:16 rc tank....any chance you'd be willing to design up those files (even if only at 1:35 scale like this one)? You did an awesome job on this.

Hi Jordan,

I'm glad you like the model and I can definitely put together an M4 Dozer variant for you! I should be able to get out the design by the end of the week but if you could specify which variant of the dozer (M4A1, M4A2, or M4A3 b/c the hulls are different) you would like, it would help me make the model even more detailed. Now regarding the scale, I apologize but i do not have any 1/16 shermans (only 1/35s) so I'll have to design it in 1/35th scale, but (as it seems you already know) you can just scale it up. Thanks again!


Adi, that makes me very excited! It would be the M4A3 version with the dozer blade. I'm beyond pumped to see what you come up with! Keep me posted!

Hi Jordan,

I apologize, I got a bit delayed in the design process. The model should be up by Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Thanks for your patience!


Just wanted to see if there were any updates with the Sherman Dozer design?

Very sorry! I just finished the design and its printing at the moment. Apparently I suck at sticking to my own deadlines so I'll just say it'll be up soon... Luckily with the extra time I was able to incorporate some rivets and other small details. Sorry for the wait!

Hey no worries! Can't wait to see the finished design...my 3D printer is waiting patiently! lol. Thanks again!

Just wanted to let you know I am done printing the prototype and I'll have it painted and online tomorrow (or hopefully later today)! Thanks for the patience!

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any chance of a version that is fully assembled?

Hi Regal,

The assembly allows for movement of the outer spinner and chains around the inner spinner, but if you would like me to upload a static, assembled (single piece w/supports) variant, I can certainly whip that up for you! On the other hand if you would like a moveable single piece variant it will take me a bit longer to make (and I may need to sacrifice some of the aesthetics). Let me know which one you prefer!


I for one would love a static version that would possibly print in 15mm so if you don't think the chains would print if you could release one without chains I will replace them with metal ones from a necklace or something however the chains wouldn't need to move ,if that would be plausible that would be brilliant!

Hi ellioto,

Sorry for the late response, I will try to get that model out soon!


Thanks but In the meantime someone created a 15mm version so only so it if you wish to