Kingdom Death Terrain V2

by AxoloteGaming Aug 31, 2018
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Those are truly incredible! I am currently printing those, will do the board after.

Do you plan to do the expansion terrain too? I know some will be a challenge, like the Fairy Ring...

Also, what about the gate terrain from the Dragon King? The graphic shows it being basically a statue of the Tyrant. I don't know much about this area, so I might be completely wrong, but won't this present some copyright issues as you would have to replicate the mini? Or maybe you already have some alternative in mind.

I'm sorry for asking so many questions, this terrain is just so great I can't wait for more :)

Printing now...although upon closer inspection I noticed the upright columns have penises being held up by naked women extruding from the bases...so there's that, lol. The painting should be interesting.

Anyone have a good method of hollowing for resin printing? I normally extend the base, hollow, and then plane cut in Meshmixer but these are leaving artifacts or otherwise not hollowing properly.

Hi there, first of all awesome work!
I wondered : How many of each should I be printing you think please ? I don't have the game with me to check.

I'm going off memory but I think it's this:

2 Stone Face
2 Toppled Pillar
6 Stone Column
1 Dead Monster
1 Bug Patch
6 Acanthus
4 Tall Grass
2 Debris
2 Ore

I've now printed all of this terrain, and it came out gorgeously.

Splicer: Slic3r PE
Printer: Prusa i3 MK3 stock printer with 0.4 brass nozzle
Filament: eSun PLA+
Layer Height: .1 mm
Infil: 25%
Supports: None

Originally I was thinking I may circle back someday with 0.05mm layers with a smaller nozzle, but there's really no need - it looks so good already at 0.1. Thanks!

amazing job!!! I will get the game in few months, so i must print both versions of terrain or just this last one? thanks!!!

just the V2, v1 has the exact same content but in older models, these are much nicer :)

So i tried printing the terrain and did a test run and this is how they turned out...this is the Arcanthus, two of each of the variants.
any advice on upping the quality/getting more detail?

Splicer: Cura
Printer: Creality Ender 3
Layer Height: .1 mm
Infil: 20%

hmm that looks nothing like 0.1 should look! first check your nozzle as it would seem that maybe you have a bigger hole on the nozzle than you should. Then find a profile, there are tons of cool ender 3 profiles Tom Tullis has some amazing ones, i recommend his terrain profiles in this case. Then check your speeds and print a test cube first that will help you find your trouble areas, maybe you need to tune your machine a bit more (belts seem like the could be lose). There are a lot of 3d printing sources with help and a facebook group specially for the ender 3.

Thank you so much for making these this is amazing. I will be testing them on my Anycubic Kossel Delta Linear Plus today I need to look up how many of each terrainni need but I plan to use these in my next game. Thank you again so much for these, amazing work.

Thanks for the compliment! and happy printing and playing!

Great! Thank you. How long do these take to print? The local libraries have a 2 hour maximum print time per piece. Any memory on how long the largest of these takes to print?

unfortunately the bigger pieces (stone face and long columns) take from 6-12 hours at 0.1 layers, you might want to look for a maker space or consider getting your own printer! you will not regret it, and the Ender 3 is amazingly priced.

So very cool!

There are times when a monster will end it's move on the corner of a grass tile. What if you had an alternate version where one corner does not have a grass tuft? Or it's very flat. Then the grass could be physically rotated to allow a monster to land on whichever corner it's landing on.

Furthermore (if you want), you could make the grass laying flat in the corner, and maybe add more grass all over that is laying flat. Kind of like a texture. Example: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ckT0sQm_sMY/TN2KioIbKqI/AAAAAAAAAOk/gEmi4pKJWNo/s1600/Deer+flattened+grass.JPG

Just an idea, but overall I love it!

That is the reason I usually use the tile without grass then you can make the grass with a cheap paintbrush and you can leave one corner empty or with flat hairs! which i think is a fantastic idea :).

Hey accidentally sexist guy! How about the "girls" who print them in resin? I just printed the giant head on my form2. Printed well, hard to pry off so I will build in pry-off tabs and hollow the model to reduce resin use. The head took 8 hours and almost 100ml of resin. I will post pics.

Dude and guy actually both refer to scarecrows, which while traditionally dressed up as men, I don't think scarecrows necessarily are men or women.

Eventually, Dude was used to refer to Eastern coast city dwellers visiting the rocky mountains. Hence, "Dude Ranch."

Guy is actually a name, but building "Guy Fawkes" strawmen became a festival time thing, and children started referring to each other as "Guys." I haven't ever heard that in a context of "male children only." You'd have to talk to British people to get a better idea if that's the case.

Anyways, I'm all for replacing -men with -person. But as somebody that just says, "Guys" and "Dudes" to women, I personally haven't ever thought of it as being gender specific. Especially since that seemed to be the norm (even for girls) during my childhood.

My 2cents.

I use guys and dudes as gender neutral words :p. English is my second language after all but i am still sorry if that offended you in any way and will change it to properly reflect that people of all genders, sexual orientations and religions (or lack there of). And please show me those epics! I love to see the resin sets!

Hi everyone! I have never had anything 3d printed. Am I correct in assuming that once I have identified a 3d print shop I simply download the files and take them the information under print settings and they can make this happen? Is there anything else I should know?

Nope, that should be it. I recommend trying to find a local library with a printer, as most servies will probably charge a lot for printing this.

Hi, how did you expect the leaves for the acanthus plants to be used? I printed them out but I wasn't sure how to make it work.

They are supposed to be glued on the hole on the arcanthus face, they will be flat on one side. I still recommend that you make the arcanthus leaves with wire and greenstuff for a better result.

Amazing job! I printed some of the V1 terrain but will print all of this right after I get my printer fixed again. Have you thought about modelling some of the terrain from expansions? :P

Yeah! in the description I made a small note about those. I WILL do them, it just might take time. Since this is something I do for free I use my free time to do it. So sometimes I can't work for it for a while, like right now I am juggling a KS, and 3 companies for which I am doing freelance, so it might take a while.

Updated my make with more images and an update to the text. Wow, these come out incredible using a 0.25mm nozzle and printing at 0.10mm

At some point, I'll try 0.05mm layer height when I get those settings dialled in right.

Definitely, print the Bug without supports!

Thanks! make sure to upload some pics :p. I did create the bug thinking of no supports, and it does have some overhangs but nothing critical or that could cause a misprint. I would love to see those .05 prints!

Bug photos have been added to my Make

Would you do any ironing for these or does rough tend to look a little better?

ironing usually removes a bit of detail, so it is a compromise, I always like the way the lines look :)

Any advice on supports on the bug? Always destroyed the 1.0 one when using supports and this one still needs supports ... on those beautiful faces? :)

I didn't use supports on mine at all and it came out perfect... MK3 using Prusa Silver PLA

You could try to add supports using b9 creator, I checked the file beforehand and the overhangs are quite minimal, you could try to give it a go without supports :p might give you a good enough result

FYI, the long grass tile needs an edit. Four of the grass tufts stick out through the bottom of the tile which causes the entire model to lift up. For those printing, a work around is to push the tile down to cause the tuft ends to push below the print plane until the bottom of the tile is flush with the print plane.

Thanks for the heads up! fixing now :)

Would it be possible to load a file of the tall grass without the printed grass? I was going to use hobby grass for a more realistic look to match my bases. Thank you for your work it looks amazing!!!

The Long Grass (bare) is just that! look for it in the files. I also like the more realistic grass look.

Gonna test this out tonight with a small one. Use it as my second print on my new MK3 :)

Awesome! make sure to post a pic when you get it done!