Pony Toy Car

by Slava_Z Aug 31, 2018
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Cool thing! I really like the look of the grey filament. Which brand is it? Thanks!

Thanks! It's "Bestfilament" PLA, "Gray Wolf" color - the cheapest I could find here in Saint Petersburg).

Cool thing! I really like the look of the grey filament. Which brand is it? Thanks!

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Hi, I have the convertible version of the Bianchina. Can you do that as well, pls? :) Looking forward to print it :)

What size of screws/bolts is required to assemble bottom and top parts?

The parts turned out to be snapping together well without the screws. The screw holes are for m3 screws, 5 to 10mm long.

good afternoon. nice car. Does anyone know where I can get the design of the fiat 600?

I love this adorable little car! I'm waiting for the cabriolet ;)

That's absolutely adorable!

I’m new to the 3D printing world and I was reading people adding support how would I do that. Or point me the way to learn how to lol thanks

Hey! Yeah, the printer won't print in the mid air).
I've used only Cura - in there you should just select "Support type: Touching Buildplate" in basic print settings, and that's it. All the parts except wheels will need this kind of supports.

Thank you so much. awesome build by the way

Did you use supports for the bottom ? Almost looks like it might print without. Thanks !

Used only the supports that are touching buildplate. The front edges of the front fenders are above the ground, and probably won't print well without supports.

Thanks ! I hadn't noticed that !

I had this car. Nash Metropolitan. Fun car

Is there any chance you could also upload STLs of this great file? My printer isn't compatible with OBJ files. Thanks.

Don't worry. Converted the file online.

Added the .stl files. Sorry it took so long).

That's adorable! Nice work!

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It's really very cute, it's a pleasure to look at. I think everyone can fall in love with this little car, especially since it has something so sweet :)

Keep up the good work, I think you're hitting a nerve.