Excalibur Cryptex Puzzle

by Brabus453 Aug 31, 2018
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I love the design. You did a great job. I did however have a hard time trying to print the bottom piece until I noticed that it is not flat on the build plate. I am using Cura. I moved the part so that it is flat, then it printed ok.
Thanks for allowing us to print it.

Love the design.
Is there a problem with laying them all flat on the bed? I printed Cryptex-letter-1 and 3/4 of the way it fell. I used a raft and it still went down.

Man, this is so cool! Haven't printed it yet but definitely will!

Am I able to resize it without messing it up?

You can resize it to roughly half fairly easily.
Scale the sword down to 0.56 in all directions and all other parts to 0.59 (in all directions too)
Beware that the words on the top and bottom pieces will be illegible: the letters on the rings can be read however.
Have fun!

Dang, those renderings! Showoff :P

Seriously, very nice. Always enjoy seeing a well-done cryptex.

This is the coolest thing on this site!

This looks awesome!

I just printed the base and the words are illegible, looks like they printed extruded rather than inset like in your pictures if that makes sense.

The sword sure looks bad@ss tho!

Using Cura and a CR-10S

strange, here the words on base print perfectly.

I believe I am having a similar problem. When I tried to print the bottom piece the first layer wasn't flat. I loaded the .stl file into MeshMixer to see if I could flatten the bottom and it looks like there is a problem with the mesh. I added a screenshot of the file in MeshMixer where you can see that the bottom is wavy and the text isn't quite right.

I don't know exactly what is happening that for some the file is fine and others not. But I would love to print this puzzle. So if you get the chance to find a fix and re-upload the files that would be fantastic! Thanks

The bottom of the bottom part isn't flat indeed. After slicing and looking at the bottom layer, the first real flat layer began @ 1 mm.
So in Slic3er i used the cut function the and made a cut @ 1 mm and choose to keep only the upper part.

I also did this for the sword but then with only 0.2 mm, because there was a bit infill missing in the hilt.

Love this spin on the cryptex design! Even though you'll figure out the combination by printing (and looking at the photo above :D), I feel like the person printing it wouldn't be the one who is trying to solve it. once I get more gray filament I'm 100% going to print this and keep it on my desk :D