Nintendo Switch Safe

by FMMT666 Sep 2, 2018
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It's a little too big for my bed, may i have the base file so i can resize it ?

Do you have any sliced files?

my father used to all ways tell me how real the nintendo wii graphics were and he was so amazed at how real it looked and i thought it was funny.

how fitting that i guess im to that age where i cant tell if some of these photos are really printed or if they are all renders haha.. either way awesome work! and thanks for the stp files on grabcad

This looks great! I plan on getting into smash tournaments once it comes out and these seem useful. 2 questions:

1) What locks do you use?

2) I noticed the back side has an additional hole thing where you put the lock. Is there an intended use for this? For tournaments, I think it could be useful to connect this all to something like a chain which could be attached to a table for added security.

Nah, c'mon. This will not protect your Switch from theft...

It's rather "child-proof".
If it's broken, your kids took it out.
If it's still intact, they either kept their fingers off it or - well,
they printed a new one. Which is actually a loophole, I guess.

Crap. Now I need an even bigger lock for all our 3D printers >:-/

But yes,you are right. That lug on the back is meant to be a
fixture for a chain or whatever...
Any 3cm to 7cm lock should work.

I figured I'd post this here. I made some modifications to make it stronger and closer to theft-proof:

Switch Anti-theft Safe for Tournaments

Hi! Thanks for your work, this can solve a lot of problems for tournament organizers! Sadly, I can't open the model on Slic3r, there are a lot of errors :( What should I do?

Found an old Slic3r version on my PC and can confirm this.
It looks like it cannot handle the high resolution, so I added a low res version for you.

Works here [tm], let me know whether or not that solves your problem...

Worked like a charm! I had to cut the base because my printer is too small, but I welded them together, and it works.

The result is pretty tough, great design!

Thanks, good to know that did the trick.

Hey, a guy is selling this on etsy:

Which resulted in an article on nintendo soup:

Which of course, fails to credit you for the design, even though they used YOUR pictures! Which is just terrible.

This is an excellent design though. Something to also chain them to the table would be perfect for tourneys... unless someone has a side cutters :)

Thanks, nice find!

Winners don't put the Switch down during a tournament!!!11!

Seems great for tournaments

does it need supports?

No, you can print it without any supports.

Thank you for the time you put into design this
Can’t wait, going to print this today.
The children will listen to me now!!!!!!

You are the devil, considered how much work went into this ^^

No pain, no gain :)