Anycubic i3 Mega Circular Fan for Large Fan Ducts

by kulfuerst Sep 6, 2018
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it does not work.
Without support, he simply prints in the air. and with support the inner ring will be closed and of course it will not get out

This issue is addressed in the description. Please adjust your slicer settings accordingly.

Thanks very much for this -- worked like a charm!

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I think it sits to high. The airflow is directed against the upper part of the nozzle.

Thank you very much for your comment! I think you were very much right and the direction of the airflow had room for improvement. Please check out the latest update to the design. I edited both the 12 and 24 hole version to now direct the airflow downwards at a 40° angle and have improved printability :)

This works fine with my newly purchased Anycubic i3 mega. To make the ring not need supports, what I did was print it with cura moving it down -0.4mm. It cuts the "tip" off the slide on part for the existing fan duct, but basically only removes 2 of 4 walls. The fan duct still fits perfectly, the ring is printed directly on the bed, so you have less supports needed.

Edit: Some more details after some refinement.

-0.4mm seems to be slightly too much, which leads to the fan beeing slightly flattened and leads to bad airflow.

After some tweaking, it looks like moving it down (Z axis move) -0.3368 gets you the full normal wall height. You will need to place a support blocker on each fan hole in the ring, else it will still place the supports there and are a pain in the butt to cut out.

If I have to do any more tweaking I'll update here, as well.

12/9/18 Edit: as mentioned in my below post, the updated 12 and 24 hole models still need supports for me according to Cura 3.6.0. If this happens for you, adjust z of the model by -0.3916

Great solution for people who may experience problems with the support! Thank you very much for sharing :)

I'm still wondering if I'm having airflow issues. Do you know what skin/wall/top and bottom layer thickness/count you were using?

Hello Trayal, please check out the latest update to the design. The ring now prints without supports and airflow is greatly improved! Also note the tips for print settings in the latest Cura versions to allow for proper printing of the roof of the ring by adjusting the wall line count. I hope you'll find these changes to work well and improve the design :)

Hmm..I just downloaded the new files. Unfortunately both the 12 and 24 STLs need supports in Cura (at least according to Cura). Is that expected?

Edit: For anyone wanting to avoid supports, the updated models seem to need to be moved down -0.3916 now to not need supports on the ring.

Also, nice changes to the airblade, looks way easier to print. (I'm still not sure if the aerodynamics of it make it better than the 12/24 hole ones, though. The 12 hole still seems like the best as far as I can tell. Nice work on the improvements, though.)

Both fail for me on the circle parts. It loks like thez are being printed in the air and so not forming the correct shape.

My prints looked the best when using the airblade, by far. Though I have now installed a 5015 part cooling fan with another mod because the stock fan just didn't cut it for me.

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Sure thing. As mentioned earlier, I printed with supports. In my case they came off easily, but I guess I was lucky in those regards.
I printed with 4 top/bottom layers and a wall line count of 3. That is more than enough tho, since the walls of the fan duct aren't very thick, to say the least. To test equal airflow after printing I put the part up to my mouth, closed my lips around it and blew in. Use your fingers to feel for equal airflow. If you are a smoker (which I do not advocate!), you can also use the smoke to make the airflow visible when you exhale through the fan duct. This is how I iteratively optimized airflow when designing the fan, arriving at the current design which gives me equal airflow on all sides.
Best wishes

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This fits very snugly only the original vent on the v2 and v3 anycubics

very glad to read that and even more happy to see that make :)
hope it all works out as well for you as it does for me

what material did you use to print ? do you have photo of a printed/installed one ?

I used the PLA that came with the printer. I've added a picture of an installed fan to the other ones.

@kulfuerst Thanks for the additional information. What are recommended settings ? Resolution,Infill, Support ( any particular location ? ), placement on the plate ?

I'm not sure. I am very new to 3D printing, so I am still figuring things out myself. I printed at 0.1 mm layer height to asure a good fit and with support on the buildplate. what settings you chose on infil shouldn't be of any concern since the part is hollow. This all works well for the 12 and 24 hole versions. If you want to print the airblade, this is where it gets tricky. here I'm afraid I cannot give you any tips because I haven't figured out a quick and easy way of print settings that make it come out flawlessly. You'll have to fidle around with orientation, supports and support placement. I hope this helped.

I am trying to print 12 holes version but bottom part of the ring is not coming out nice. I tried with supports but as the distance between ring and bed is too small supports are not coming off easily. Clip on part fits as glove.

How did you print yours ? Which slicer ? what support settings did you use ?

if you do turn off the support interface and increase the fill, you must also decrease the support z distance and enable bridging of course! youre essentially making cura print the lowest layer as bridges on top of the support walls. they are still relatively easy to remove afterwards since the bridges mostly harden in midair and the contact points are small. you'll have to fiddle around with the infill percentage first tho to find a sufficient density.

Thanks for your continuous support.

Are you using Cura 15.0.4 which comes with printer ? or the latest version 3.4.1 ?

What do you mean by turn off the support interface? are you talking about closing the the panel ( 3.4.1 ) or popup window ( 15.0.4 ) ? or you mean disabling support and increasing the general infill to %30 ?

Hello cereyanli, please check out the latest update to the design. The fan now prints a lot better and airflow has been greatly improved. Also note the printing instructions mentioned in the update. I hope these changes solve your problems :)


I have printed the latest version (12 hole ) and setting up wall to 1. It came out not bad.
When I installed on printer and run overhang test model. Print was not good at all. How is yours ? Is this fan duct improving overhang quality ?

That is strange, my print quality has increased considerably. Are you sure it is snapped into the right position? I have to push quite a lot when I install it to move it all the way up. Maybe test it by setting the fan speed to 100% manually in Setup>Speed>Fan speed on your i3 Mega and check if air is coming out of the fan duct. If no air or only very little is coming out then the fan is probably not in the right position and needs to be moved further upwards. That's the only idea I have for why it may not be working for you. I am very sorry :(

I'm using the latest Cura release. The option of disabling the support interface should be a last resort in my opinion. only do this if you cant find a way of printing it well otherwise, like changing the z distance or printing upright.
In your support settings, there is a checkbox titled "enable support interface". this box is normally checked and thereby your support structure receives a solid roof that contacts the underside of your print. this can make it really difficult to remove the support structures in certain cases however. and if your intention is to print the lowest layer using your bridge settings, a solid top support layer is counterproductive. I really dont think these steps are necessary with this print however since i was able to print it with normal support without a problem. maybe look over your normal settings first before you try something as experimental as this.

I used Cura for all of it. I printed with supports and a support z distance of 0.165. they came off pretty well. if that's not enough, try turning off the support interface and increase the support infill to 30% or more. if that is not working for you for some reason, you can also print it upright. that's how I've printed the airblade version. just pay attention to block supports on the inside of the ring as you won't be able to get those out. hope this helped