Assassin's Creed working Hidden Blade

by Bielin Sep 8, 2018
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what was nubers on your scale?

what is the clear part where the string goes

You'll probably take this wrong but proper documentation is what separates the men from the boys .....


excited to try this print out. any advice on printing parts that may be too big for my printer? i tried printing a piece that is longer than my printer allows by putting it at a 45 degree angle but that was a bust lol

I also turned the project over at 45° XD in my case it was enough. Filling at 15% was definitely enough and as for the height I recommend 0.15mm. I can't advise you any more if your only problem is the size of the table.lel

yeah i just cut the parts and printed them and ill just glue them together lol. Better off than anything i guess. Any tips on putting it all together? I noticed the other comments with foam and glue for the rubber bands but is there anything else i should expect? Im printing the last pieces tonight because ive been caught up in stuff

It looks like you used foam as a sort of spring for the flippers; is that true? Also, what is the circular recess in the flipper for, if not a spring? Looks awesome and I'm excited to try it out.

Yes, the recess was by default for spring. But in the end the foam did better.

Can you maybe make a video showing how to assemble it and how it works? I made one but am unsure to how it entirely puts together and works.

hi did u ever manage to get it together? how well did it work?

I would also like to know if you could assemble it, the design is cool and it has few parts but I'm skeptical of how well the design works.

hi, i was able to print out the parts however, my printer was a bit small and i had to cut some pieces in mesh mixer and once i glued it all together, many things didnt fit. i also put a lot of glue on the rubber band part. i messed up and was unable to get it working. everything in this build is super perfect fit so there is no room for a slight mess up with glue.

I'm sure you have heard of PiggyJ who made one of the more popular hidden blades on thingiverse. Is the blade for this model to scale with his? Because to be perfectly honest, I can't stand the design for that one.

The whole model was designed by himself. each element only fits this one model.

Would you be willing to possible record a Video of how it work or something??? i am trying to see... I made the mistake of getting PiggyJ's Dual action Extened files... and after getting them printied realised... they were not fully modeld correctly at all...

how did you connect the rubber band to the 2 paddles?

I used glue XD

Yeah thats what i used i was surprised it worked. Great design man best so far.

holy shit, is it dual action? that is the lowest parts count i have ever seen for a hidden blade

Yes! It is dual action,and thanks.