Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Wind Turbine / Water Pump

by Kounes Sep 9, 2018
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What can I do with this? I feel like it could be a nice passive way to add additional oxygen to a fish pond but how does it pump? That auger like bit looks crooked in the video so I'm unsure how it can pump anything. Though I suppose I can use any turbine to just run a small pump I like the idea of transferring the energy directly into the water somehow without electronics.

Basically you can watch it turn...
This is a prototype for me to gain knowledge and share it. Yes the auger is wobbly on the video but I got exited and put it on quick to demonstrate the rotation, but didn't tightened the bolt.
If you want to use a mechanisme on a turbine u want to have a lot of blades, my design with 5 works under the perfect conditions but not if the wind is to low or the tolerance between the spiral and wall is too big. More blades gets you more torque, less speed and more drag. While fewer blades gets you less torque and less drag but more speed. You can convert the speed to torque afterwards but I doubt if that's efficient.

great design but where should I install the brass inserts ?

can you tell me more about assembly ?

thx !

A way to make the next version slightly more efficient would be to make the front dome or coned shaped.

Here is a link to it. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/8qx3pa/a-new-ufo-dome-promises-to-make-wind-turbines-more-powerful

That's an interesting dome there, but it looks nice. I'll try to incorporate that in the build so i can test it myself, thanks!

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I'm eager to try this out on the greenhouse I'm building as a supplement for the power generation on my solar chargers.

Sounds like a good plan, but hold on for those uses, I'm currently working on a slightly bigger one with a bit more torque.

Staying tuned. :)

This is really impressive. I'd love to have students make, remix, assemble, and use this. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! I have to step up my game now haha

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Nice design! Moving parts should be printed in nylon, as it is self-lubricating material and withstands frictions.

Thanks! Yeah that's the plan for the final product thanks!