Transform3r 3D Printer

by der_coco Sep 10, 2018
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This would be great for use in a small room! Great design! Thanks for sharing!

Haha yeah.. Theoretically. Unfortunately the printer ist still kind of big :D

I love this awesome design and am considering making one. By any chance, do you have an estimate build cost so I can budget it?


Hey, thats awesome! :) I built this printer on and off over a span of about a year and I bought the parts only when I needed them. So I didn't really keep track of how much I spent. My guess would be somewhere around 400€.

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Genial idea!
Just asking - how stable is the Z-axis front to back?
with only 2 Z-screws I would expect quite a height difference due to tilting when printing at higher resolution?
What about vibrations when printing dense infill towards the top?
Me thinks a third Z-lead screw at the back would stabilize the whole sled to rocksteady.
Additional parts - 1 lead screw with nut, nut holder, bottom bearing plus holder, 1 belt, 2 pulleys

Thanks! You're right, due to tilting of the XY-Plane from front to back, you'll see artefacts in the layer lines when printing below 0.3mm layer height once you get to a print height over ~200mm. To be honest, that's simply something I've overseen during the design process. A 3rd lead screw would help, but I think it would be easier to just move the two existing lead screws slightly to the back in order to pretention the Z rails with gravity. That should work fine in my opinion.

On the other hand, once you go over 200mm print height and you're printing with 0.1-0.2mm layer heights, your prints will take days which I find is not really worth it due to the risk of the print failing.

When it comes to vibrations: There are none. Not even when fully extended. I was expecting some vibrations but the drawer rails in this configuration seem to be much sturdier than I initially expected.

nice design idea!
have you considered some sort of scissor (jack) lift mechanism, instead of the protruding lead-screws? (e.g.: flip the z-leadscrews horizontally and get the z-travel from a scissor linkage)
with that, this design could be easily transported and stored in small-ish spaces :-)

Thanks! I have, but I unfortunately don't have the tools to manufacture the parts needed for a scissor lift mechanism, nor the funds to outsource it. I'm just a student you know :D I've got to work with what I've got.

This is really cool. In addition to obviously being compact the other big advantage of this a 100% stationary build platform, something seldom seen outside of deltas. If I ever need to build another printer I will definitely consider this.

I also really like the use of bigger pulleys, good candidate for steel belts.

Thanks! :) Yeah my belts are kevlar & steel reinforced. There is basically zero elasticity in these belts. On top of that, they are doubled up since each horizontal axis has two belts. It's the mechanism of the Ultimakers that I copied: I love that design!