Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Simple Bondtech Extruder v1.4

by OutcastZeroOne Oct 26, 2018
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Very nice. Could you publish source files or make direct j-head version.
It is good idea because nozzle could be closer to rods when lever is behind motor shaft.

Problem with doing that is there are so many variables for direct drive, what design do I do it for? The unit need to be a minimum of 3 parts to take the cooling fins of the hotend but then it also need to be mountable to the print carriage. I also like to try my designs for a while before I release them to make sure things actually work and with how I have modified my machines I have no way to test this out.

Something like this:
Unfortunately, it does not work as well as I would expect. I think, I need 3:1 gears for direct. I don't know how it works in Prusa mk3. Probably they use very good motor.

Simple Bondtech Direct Extruder

That’s a remix of my extruder :P

so i drew up a basic plan for a direct drive unit. needs more refinement and some clean up of it. cant print it out for a couple of days to make sure it actually fits all parts though.

Why are there two filament paths through the extruder? Also what orientation should the arm be printed in to not require supports? The default orientation has impossible to print overhangs. Is it the orientation in your first or second pictures above? One is laying down on the long side and the other near the hinge.

i added 2 paths for more options of the end user. Also, lay arm on the long flat side.

Before you replied I printed it on the elbow. It printed just fine!
I have yet to actually use the extruder, I am waiting for springs to come from China as I repurposed the spring from my dual drive kit. When I place the parts together I finally noticed that the tension is not adjustable. I also noticed the arm doesn't move far at all between engaged and disengaged. How much movement is there supposed to be? I don't appear to have extra plastic anywhere.

it dosent need much room to move since all it needs do is grip the plastic. if you use a good extruder spring (in my case it was a very stiff spring made from 1.2mm thick wire) it provides more then enough tension on the filament. its worked for me with ABS and Polycarbonate with little issue.