RAPIRO - The Humanoid Robot for your Raspberry Pi

by ShotaIshiwatari May 1, 2014
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Where to find the program that can be install on the raspberrypie I bought elsewhere?
Or is this model just for fun, the program is not for free and I have to buy the whole kit from the page?

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Is the switch cable just a cable with a switch in line? because if so $36.00 is incredibly overpriced. the parts to do it yourself would only cost about $7.00.

Hi, where can I buy the Rapiro Main Board on Europe? Or any other similar? Regards, Nuno

Is it mandatory to buy all those things or no?

@streckmann, I am with you. I found that the holes are too big for the servos too. I think it is because the design for these 3D files at Thingiverse are different with the Sale ones. For example Part No. 17 - Leg (http://www.rapiro.com/parts-list/) it has a hole which fit the gear on the servo without servo arm (http://doc.switch-science.com/rapiro/small/s_060.jpg), while the 3D file in here has bigger hole and small 4 holes which I guess it is for the screws to the arm.

So we need to buy these parts too: https://international.switch-science.com/catalog/1665/ and https://international.switch-science.com/catalog/1666/

Can anyone tell me am I wrong or right ?
Note: I bought all the electronic boards, servo, even screws from the https://international.switch-science.com special for Rapiro

any one print one with pla and if so how

streckmann you need to use this kinf of thing https://international.switch-science.com/catalog/1666/ when you put your servo motor inside your print and you will see that there is no problem after ;)

The legs don't couple to the servos in the waist the way they should because the holes are too big compared to on the website (the 3d printed ones) unless I am missing something. Ideas? Trying to avoid buying the whole kit....

I love this little robo cutie.He is like a precious angel baby.I think it is awesome how you managed to create this dude.Even awesomer idea and look.

SD GM Commander, Gundam.

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You can get the contacts from here www.digikey.com/product-search/en/battery-products/battery-holders-clips-contacts/393250?k=5209
This one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:331394 be modified to be the battery holder for the rapiro

Battery box for AA cells
by flummer

Has this project gone dead on Thingiverse because of Makerbot's attitudes yet? If so can someone direct me to somewhere I can re-ask my question about the battery contacts, because I'm still waiting for the answer and time's running out for my access to a 3D printer! Cheers

Like ="thingiverse-fab3ecf52eb8e7a233f7491b24a3d674:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-fab3ecf52eb8e7a233f7491b24a3d674/NSoong said I would also like specs for battery contacts and also the switch cable.

Could someone post the recommended parts for the 'battery contacts', because I can't see any recommendations for them and I want to ensure I've got the right parts so I don't fry anything :P

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

First of all awesome design! There are a couple things I want to point out through:

  1. The robot can be bought as a whole for $450 for those that didn't bother to look it up. If you don't want to print out the parts or don't have a printer with support material it might be the only way. The parts from the official kit looks like it was mold injected instead of 3D printed from all the smooth surfaces so if you want a nicer looking robot or don't want to spend the time doing the finishing that might be the way to go.
  2. The servos spec, part list, code, and schematics are all posted up on their website. http://www.rapiro.com/downloads/http://www.rapiro.com/download...
  3. Even though you do have the Schematic and STL it doesn't mean you can really modify this design and customize your own robot. The mechanical design file for the model doesn't seem to be available anywhere, so if you want to modify the 3D model for other servo or board design, it's going to be very hard as you will have to work with STL file. The Schematic is available, but in PDF, and the layout file is not available, meaning you cannot just create your own PCBA for this yourself if you were to just download the file. If someone do find these design files or have bother to covert them to an editable replicable format please let us know! I would love to create my own board instead of buying theirs and be able to modify the robot to my liking.
  4. There's no sensor included in the kit, the only thing I saw was a proximity sensor which can be solder on. A robot is pretty useless without sensors, and one is certainly not enough to be of much use. This robot could become a great platform to make your own robot if the board itself have more expansion or better yet put the design files out there for others to modify. I would highly recommend the author to release some of these files to the public, it will only generate more interest and revenue in the long run.

yes a pi fits in it I have a pi. I didnt have to change anything. I downloaded stl, sliced in makerware and hit print. 6 hours later, perfect print 0 adjustments

This may sound obtuse, but I just want to make sure I've got this straight:

  1. Are all the stl files provided compatible with putting a Rasberry Pi inside this unit - i.e. if I printed it, could I put a Pi inside of it?
  2. If I put a Pi inside it, do I still need to put in the board that is on the recommended pieces, or does the Pi replace it?
    Thanks so much!

Just realized that the Controller board is for the servos, so the Pi wouldn't replace it - my bad!

The project is awesome! Anyone tryed printing parts just laying them down on the surface of the bed instead of using tons of support?

You don't need "tons of support". Just use MESHMIXER to add TREE SUPPORT to the model. I have print the most parts of this project and they come out really - really nice.

I will print it and post the pix. I got like 20 rolls of abs

Love the miniature models. Thanks for uploading.

I'm a little surprised at the negativity towards this. Sure, it may be a commercial product (and an expensive one at that), and the files may not be immediately printable, but I think it's really cool that the people behind it are willing to share their design like this. Even if it just serves as a jumping-off point for others, it's still good for the thingiverse community.

I'm not concerned about the parts not being 'printable' because they are printable with smarter slicers that give more control over support (e.g. Simplify3D, Up!).

It's great that they released the models. And I'm not concerned that it's not designed for printability - with files out, others can make derivatives that are more printable. And there are slicers, such as Simplify3D, that do a much better job of support than the free options, so perhaps this could push the free options to improve the intelligence of their support generation.
The only drawback I see is that Rapiro is only sold as a complete kit with all of the parts, including the body parts. And, in particular, it's tied to a servo controller that is (as far as I can tell) only available from Rapiro, so you can't print the parts here, buy the servos, Raspberry Pi, etc., and build a robot, because you're missing their controller.
So right now these parts are only useful for people who buy the whole kit, which includes these parts, and who then prefer to use printed parts.

To correct myself - I double checked, and while they didn't before, now they DO sell the controller by itself ($60) which means that you can print the parts, and assemble your own Rapiro using your own servos, Pi, etc.

Looks fun! looking forward to trying to print this guy out and get it running.

Too many things to order individually. Will you please order about 50m of each and put together complete packages to sell for cost to Thingiverse members. GEEZZE!! :-)

Good share,good designe!
But, not useful for FDM type of printing. It is asking big volume of supports from the
slicer and finally it will become very big headache to remove them. As the
result - bad quality of surfaces will be granted. Further more – it is not
shared this item blog where we can find Pi programming part samples.

Has someone tried to print these parts? you could post the results and indicate what is the best way to do it. In my opinion, most are not printable with a 3D printer

Please stop thinking only makerbot and low-cost FDM printer exist. Try i.materialise or sculpteo to print it with SLS technology in PA. No supports needed, better surface roughness and precision... Jesus, those technologies exist for more than 20 years now

It's a Makerbot website. Everything here should be printable with Makerbots and the like.

Also stop thinking that all low-cost FDM printers are open-source based with difficult-to-remove support. On several occasions the community has jumped in with "not printable!!" outrage on a Thingiverse post and I've gone ahead and printed the part(s) without problem on an Up/Afinia or Zortrax.

That's fair enough, it would be interesting to see a poll for users on this site and which end of the scale they site at. Judging from the pictures posted and majority of the things made, that would tend to be FDM you would imagine, so I guess people want to see instantly printable items that are featured, I don't mind big projects and it's not really the support issue I have a problem with, these are easy to cut into pieces.

I bet most have not played with the organic supports that meshmixer provides. About the best I have used really. Lets my lowly printrbot (when it is running) print out some very nice objects.

What does it do? You have to program it to walk, and that's all it does for that price?

wow, these parts are NOT optimized for 3D printing.. why is this featured?

Because it looks pretty on the front page. I agree, this is most definitely not optimized for printing, and it is not a practical project to follow really, the cost is far from affordable (in reality you can buy a 3D printer, or even a Robot prebuilt) for close to that final figure. There is also far too little DOF in the legs for the robot to be useful in any domestic sense as suggested in the video. To buy servos that are strong enough to lift the robot arm + a cup of coffee will need to be decent servos, you need a pretty high torque rating for that sort of application.

Attractive design and looks to be nicely made.

OK i am a bit lost. I don't know what is the "6 large servo arm sets // 6 small servo arm sets" how they looks like, their dimension and why they are not printable parts (i believe they should be)

because you can't print metal parts or computers yet to run things.

"Servo arm sets" are made of plastic.

For me it is overpriced, servos, leds and boards cannot cost more than 200, so the other 250 are for the plastic parts??? I really like this robot but it is way too expensive to buy it full so 3d printing might be the way.

This is an awesome design, but I will have to give it a miss- I also
would hope using decent servos on the legs would improve the walk gait. I
am all for cute robots, in fact I am for any robot but when I see them
moving like a wind up toy, it's like you are setting technology back 10

Was super interested until I saw that price point... Looks neat but $450 + $55 S&H lol no way I'm talking my wife into that...

Thanks for the files :-) I was waiting for this to be released. Just ordered the servo's and already printed head front/back, neck, ears, body upper, body down and both soles. I think my prints will be finished before my servo's arrive :-)

Whould you be so kind to share here your prints pics? What material did you use? What printer type?

Sorry for the late reply. (I just got home from hospital today)
I printed it on an Ecksbot. (I did build the ecksbot myself, I also have a K8200 from Velleman, and used that printer to print the parts for the Ecksbot (which is also opensource, you can even download the solidworks files from http://www.eckertech.comwww.eckertech.com) - it looks like a prusa I2 :-)
I used 3MM PLA (orange) from http://www.123inkt.nlwww.123inkt.nl
I will put some pictures on my blog http://www.digitalplayground.bewww.digitalplayground.be this weekend.
(due to my health issues, I still did not assemble it, but printing is completed)
best regards,