Vertex K8400 - standard fan shroud

by Harry_D60 Sep 11, 2018
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Hi, would you be so kind to post a small variant to your design? For printing in ABS, in most designs you don't want cooling air onto your part that's being printed, it lowers the interlayer adhesion and cools down heated bed too much. BUT, if you disable the cooling fans all together the heat gets up the pfte tube in the isolator and you get blockage. So my idea is to disable the big centrifugal fan (disconnect the wires), and only use the small fan with a duct shroud that only directs air onto the isolator guide. Could you post a variant of your shroud that's less deep and only cools the isolator guide and not the hotend? Thank you!

I could try that, no problem. Thing is, though: I won't be able to test it - as I'm not planning to print in that fashion.

You might also want to browse though Thingiverse a bit further? I'm pretty sure, I saw a model here a while ago, that seemed to do exactly what you had mind: it consisted of moving the fan down a bit & remount it just under the guide rods - so that it blows directly onto the isolators. I can't find this model back, though...

At the moment, I'm doing a bit of work on the house, so it might be a few days before I get to work on this - but I'll give it a go & post the new model here as an addition to this set.

Hi Harry, that would be great. As you suggested, I searched thingiverse for such solution but I didn't find it. For the moment my printer is down, against better knowing I printed without the cooling fans activated, but after 8hours the filament blocked in the PFTE tube and the printer continued to burn the PTFE tube for two hours, isolator, and I lost the hotend too. However in comparison to the print with the fans activated I saw much better layer adhesion when printing with ABS.
I saw you draw in freecad, if you would post the freecad file I would manage from there; I'm using that too.

Hiya TLS, I've had a moment available today & shortened the standard shroud by some 15mm - I would expect, that would keep the airflow away from the nozzle area & focus the airstream onto the isolators. STEP &STL's are posted now. Could you have a go & see if this model could work for you?

Actually, the fan shroud has been drawn in AutoDesk Fusion 360, that I also use. Sorry about that. :-)

I think I found it: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2868650 I'll try it and post my findings.

K8400 fan shroud duct clip MK5
by B4R

Hope it works out for you, but that's not the model I was referring to... The one I had seen earlier, had the fan remounted below the guide rod, blowing directly onto the isolators. It's not this one.

But then, I can't find the earlier one back either - so it might have been taken down.

Hi Harry,

I printed and fitted your part, fits like a glove without needing any other means for fastening. Thanks! The ABS printing seems to go fine. I disabled the big fan by disconnecting one of it's electrical wires, and set the small one with your fan shroud on 100%. The part stays nicely hot so I get good layer adhesion (and less chance for layer cracks due to warping), and the isolator guide stays cool so filament doesn't melt in the isolator and things don't jam up. Succes!! I also added my two cents to thingiverse and recommend replacing the K8400 plastic 'ildugur'bearings with metal ones, for that you need to print an adapter. Here it is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3524594. Good luck

Vertex K8400 replace plastic bearing with metal ones

Glad to read it all worked out well & ABS printing goes better now, perfect result! I've stored the link to your bearing adaptor in my 3D print / scan collection - thanks! :-)