Customizable Ashtray from Tin Can

by dede67 Sep 12, 2018
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Leave your cigarette for a few minutes too long ......
useless :P
Waste of time and filament :P

Came here to write almost the same. :)

Ohhh, that's really hard. Your judgement is so important to me. ;-)
The first guy has 59 designs and only two of them have more likes than my thing one day after publication.
And the second guy has not achieved anything yet.
In that case, I would probably be jaundiced too.
How sad!

One does need Ph.D to know that cigarettes and plastic are not a good combination.

Besides, you seem to be a decent designer who once made a basic design mistake and now is having a problem admitting it ;)
Use some common sense instead of pointing out 'likes' as an "ad populum" argument of being right.

Okay, that's also a valid interpretation of the sentence: "Leave your cigarette for a few minutes too long".

Because the first comment is very rude, I understood it as: "Obviously you left your cigarette too long [in the ashtray] - otherwise you would not have been able to design this useless thing".
That's why I considered both comments as pure provocation.

BTW: I roll my cigarettes by hand - they go out after a short while, if they are not smoked.

Don't worry m8. I do not think that TG is a good place for trolls :) This was just an honest opinion, which for me (and I suppose for Dr One) was way too obvious not to react. I was feeling that your design was an April Fool's joke ;)
Anyway, I think you (and everyone else) should quit smoking. Well, I did. After 7 straight years (12 in total). It took me one day of convincing myself that 'tomorrow I'll stop wasting my health and money for cigarettes. :) 3 years have passed ever since. I recommend it ;)