Chainmail - 3D Printable Fabric

by FLOWALISTIK Sep 12, 2018
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Thank you so much for sharing this file :) ive been looking for a lightweight alternative for chainmail to make my pug a cosplay medieval armour! and this is great! lightweight and looks like chainmail. keen to now figure out how to alter and join pieces to make a suit :)

can i make a full chain suit with this for cosplay?
and if someone wants to make a glove with it and post it so i can see it i will be happy.

I'm currently modifying this to make a bracelet. Could I sell them if I modify it and keep the code opensource + give you credit?
PS: Little kids love this so much!

For those asking it looks like the filament is Fillamentum's Vertigo Starlight (https://fillamentum.com/products/pla-extrafill-vertigo-starlight) which looks wonderful when printed.

Can you combine two pieces?

What filament is that????

PLA, ABS.. as you like..

May I ask what filament you used for the print in the photo?

Muy guapo y con la pieza del remix te puedes hacer cosas para carnavales o Halloween. Muchas Gracias.

Do you need any support to print this?

No, the printer should be able to bridge the gaps.

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I printed the sample then the full one on my Tevo Tornado. Came out perfect on the first try. Very cool. Is there a version that will allow multiple prints to be attached?

What print settings?

hi can i ask if you printed it with support?

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I printed this on an EOS P396 SLS printer at work, ran it through a media tumbler for about 8 hours, shot peened it and dyed it blue. It is a fabulous model, buttery smooth and like liquid in the hands.

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Excuse the unavoidable pun, but: Can this scale?

Curious if 1/2 or 1/4 scale would simply fuse, because if not, it could be used for very fine features (like the fingers of a glove for example).

UPDATE1: Trying 1/2 scale now, stay tuned...

UPDATE2: Nope, completely fused... Totally understandable though, since the tolerances were probably already pretty tight.

Still a great idea and design... I am sure it will print great at 100% scale.

I'm also trying 50 % right now. On Prusa I3 Mk3 with 0.4 mm Nozzle and 0.2 mm layer hight.

What did you use?

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Is it possible if you could make a customizable version of this thing?

Yes, the designs that this was seemingly derived from both contain editable OpenSCAD files which can be used to produce different sizes of chainmail.

This is my original rotated version:

It was derived from:

Customizable Chainmail (Rotated)
Customizable Chain Mail
by Revar
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my makerbot z18 coped so well with this, raft, infil 20%, no supports, 0.15mm
bridged so well, worked straight away, didnt need to loosen it up

I don't get what the point of this is. Why do people keep designing plastic fabric? It has almost no use...

its just for fun, chill out dude

printable body armour is a good use, a curtain, a blind, makes a cool coaster, fashion design, cosplay,
almost no use-wrong

Plastic body armor won’t protect you from anything, and I can assure you no one will be making blinds or curtains out of plastic. No one will be wearing plastic for fashion either.

" I can assure you no one will be making blinds or curtains out of plastic. No one will be wearing plastic for fashion either."

You do realize that most of our clothes are made from plastic? Polyester is the most common type of material and is a plastic.

Says the guy who makes fidget spinner. Ever heard of the word "fun" or heard the phrase "I wonder if I am capable of printing that"?

Damn, beat me to the fidget spinner comment.

Schnoesel666 is a suck up. FYI Schno, no one likes a kiss ass.

nobody likes a killjoy either. just move on and let people print what they want. fucking prick

Let’s watch the language there bitch.

plastic body armour is perfectly capable of protecting you against bullets (nerf/spud). printed plastic fashion is actually seen on catwalks, and in clothes in movies. Black panther for example, the clothes, not the costumes, are printed.

good for airsoft too? could probably actually prevent some pain lol

That sculpteo article was awesome! Thanks for sharing all of these. Looks like I need to play around in Fusion360 and Meshmixer to see if I can emulate that conch shell design MIT came up with.

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Pretty bad... when i tryed to bend it i snaped in two

Could you release a version with a max of 120mm? your sample is about 60mm, and i would like larger. anything above 120mm isn't possible for me. thank you

(MP select mini v2)

Take a look for the links I have elsewhere in these comments to the versions from which this thing was derived. They both contain editable OpenSCAD files for generating custom pieces.

Hi, we printed it and the shape looks fine but it's not moving, it's not flexable at all. Is there something we did wrong?

Looks to me like it's made up of interlocking pieces. Have you tried snapping them apart from one another? Don't think it'd take a lot of force.

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what is the name of the material you are using?

My Prusa slicer has been exporting this to a hard drive directory for 16 hours. My first two attempts to export to the SD card failed. Is there a setting I'm using in Slic3r that would cause it to take so long? Currently, the temp file is up to 27MB.

yeah you might have probs there
make yure you have the latest update?
i cant really help ya there buddy

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Now to figure out how to make connector links lol. When my 3D printer is up and running again I do want to try and print this.

Did you ever figure out how? I am also trying to create connectors.

Sadly not yet, I'm looking at how the links are designed and offhand I wasn't sure how to make it work.
I also haven't had too much time to dabble with it because of work :(

That's too bad because a giant sheet of it will be cool. I will let you know if I come up with anything.

Just printed this on a Zortrax M200. Came out much better than I thought it would, especially given that the printer won’t allow me to print without a raft. Took about 15-20 minutes to carefully remove the raft. However, I love the final product! Are there any lubricants that you recommend to help the pieces move more easily?

If you hang it from a corner, putting the entire weight hanging on one link, does it seem stable? My wife wants me to print about 12 of these and stitch them together to make a curtain. Any guess as to weather it would be able to hold itself together?

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If you remix an original design, it's nice to actually post it as a remix, so people can easily see the original work.

What is the difference with this design?: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:881114

Customizable Chain Mail
by Revar

Yeah, it looks like my modification to Revar's work. Our versions are better as they're OpenSCAD programs that can be easily used to print different sized pieces or to alter the link size or dimensions.


I see one difference, he changed the license from BSD to CC and prohibited commercial use--which are allowed by the original designs.

Customizable Chainmail (Rotated)

Strange, you can report a repost...

I saw this and said "Holy s(hi mods)! THIS opens up possibilities!"

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This is awesome!
I second "Connector pieces" to make big sheets...
And even better, if someone who was good with OpenSCAD could make a project were you could generate a strip 5x10, or 2x8, or 6x6.

The design this is derived from does contain OpenSCAD files for doing just that. Take a look elsewhere in these comments for the links.

I made this for airsoft armor! This is my favorite thing on here!!!

Did it work/ does it hurt when shot?

Sadly I did not have the printer aligned quite right. So it was not flexible enough. After that I have not had much time to print any other things.

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do you know how to transfer it as an STL file because our school got a 3D printer and my teacher said I need it in an STL?

If you go under Thing Files you can download individual STLs or the fusion project file.

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Have you created connector pieces in case someone wants to create a suit out of this?

Some people have suggested it on Twitter. The source file is available, you can try. ;)

where can I find the source file that you are referencing??? I love this design and want to see where I can go with this using connector pieces!!

there is an f3d file if I am correct I think if you used a software like tinkercad/fusion you should be able to edit just the stl.

Should I use supports?


How would you print this without supports with the overhang on the links? I'm trying it right now on the sample piece

The "Bridging" needed is pretty small, it'll work fine. If you've ever printed any of the "Flexi" dinosaurs successfully, this will be easy.

Thanks, it just got done printing and turned out really good. My machine handled it better than I thought it would

I have some printing suggestions on my variant of this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2839592

Customizable Chainmail (Rotated)