Smart Wallet - Sliding 3D printed wallet

by b03tz Sep 12, 2018
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Just printed it. The top isn't constrained well enough and it tends to jam when closing. I could give up some of the extra space to fix the issue with it jamming. I have plastic id cards from insurance that don't fit well. I'll make it wider for those.

How does the locking mechanism work?

Check out the design, it has internal triangular shapes that lock onto eachother from the inside. On the top you can see this very clearly in the video as well. Furthermore there's a little click that happens when you totally close it and thats the result of a small bulge following a little tunnel. Just check out the design :D

What are the dimensions of the whole wallet

It is 105 mm height X 57 mm width X 14 mm thick (without considering the little notch it has at the right). 105 mm X 63 mm with the notch.

I had troubles getting this together. After the 3rd attempt, it worked. Here are some tips for others.

1) Print out the base piece first and make sure that the cards can EASILY slide in and out before printing anything else. If it takes effort to move it, the cards will not slide back down when closing. I had to increase everything to 103% to get it the cards to fit.
2) I had to sand (220) the inside hole of the lever to get it to fit easier.
3) I used a rubber mallet to get the lever onto the base. I slowly rotated it back and forth and malleted it slowly down every now and then. This got it to rotate easier.
4) I placed filament into the holes and then super glued them once together. I also super glued the top left notch from the base to the change compartment.

Additional info for others. If you have a Prusa MK3 (or MK3S) and use Prusaslicer, it will all print and fit without issues.

Any chance of you uploading an editable file? this doesn't fit my cards at all. and i would love to re-design it to actually function as it is a sweet design.

I posted a fusion360 link. You can download and modify. Be sure to attribute and let me know, thanks!

Sure, will post soon!

Hope you do. I need more space for paper money and cards.^^
But still, great design.

I posted a fusion360 link. You can download and modify. Be sure to attribute and let me know, thanks!

Comments deleted.

How do you print the lid without supports? The default orientation has only one small part touching the base and if you flip it over, the lid is sloped to one corner. Do I just need to use supports for the lid?

No supports needed for entire wallet. Print flat on the printplate

how long does it take to print?

About 2 hours depending on printer.

Could you design a version for the US?

Ce projet mérite vraiment que tu t'y attarde dessus! J'aimerais bien que tu nous sortes d'autres versions!!! Beau travail!

Merci! Je ne parle pas français mais je peux voir que ça te plait :)

LOVE this wallet. Been using it for a couple of weeks. Posted a remix with a locking clip here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3352297. Keeps it shut tight when closed, but unfortunately needs supports for the lid piece.

Smart Wallet - Sliding [AND LOCKING] 3D printed wallet

Nevermind, I see what you did. It's about the corner! Nice solution bro.

Is it possible your printer has less tight tolerances? Because there is a locking mechanism in the lid. In fact I have been using mine since day 1 (so about 4 months now) and it still locks as new.

Awesome job though and very nice print!

Just printed mine, thinking petg was a bad choice as it flexes too much. But the left side of the lid can pull back away from the body VERY easily so this remix is a pretty big improvement

Love the design. Would you have .step files of the wallet. I would like to make some mods to allow for 5 cards versus 4, the .stl files don't play well with Fusion 360.


I posted a fusion360 link. You can download and modify. Be sure to attribute and let me know, thanks!

Hi I printed your design and everything seems to fit except for the card flipping mechanism does not fit in the hole or on the peg, as everything has printed correctly and fits together in this print and others except for that mechanism I cannot conclude that my printer is over extruding but that there was not a gap designed into this feature to allow it to fit directly from print bed. Just wanted to let you know. I’ll design my own, with a few extra features and be sure to post.

Hey, not OP, but I ran into something similar.
I checked the STL and there should be just enough clearance (0.2mm) for the peg and hole.
In my case, the peg was exactly fine, but the hole was too narrow (even though I'm not over-extruding).
The reason for the size difference is I had too much perimeters when printing the lever and the part around the hole ended up being 100% perimeters and therefore the slicer cannot make it the correct exact size.
Maybe try lowering the number of perimeters on the lever part.. or take a 9/32" drill bit to it

it looks like it didn't print big enough for my debit card

I love this model! Printed a bunch of other ones and this is def the best.
Do you have a version of the top plate without the notches? The letters are fine.
My printer can’t handle it, the whole bottom gets smudged. I have a Mod-T using autodesk print studio. I did .2 , tried with .1 but no difference.

Not sure if it's still relevant to you or not but anyway:
The lettering is only 0.1mm deep, so I mean if your printer can't handle it, you can always just lower the model on the Z axis by 0.1mm when you're in your slicer and the lettering will disappear (although the whole model will be 0.1mm less high, but it shouldn't cause too much of an issue.)

What if you put a raspberry pi zero w with a battery inside

I might try to modify it with magnets and a battery for charging

Can you please make a quick video showing how to make it? I have already prited every thing but I dont know what to use the lever for, how to join the parts just with filament etc... So please if someone can make a video It will be really helpfull. Thanks.

Very nice in theory. The mechanism works great! However, the front compartment is too small for € bills... would it be possible to reduce the size of the joint mechanism a couple of mm? That would help tremendously!

Alright, success on the third try. Corrected for over extrusion and used more infill on the base to strengthen the post. Great wallet idea.

Do we have to rotate the lid_gray file? Is there any way of editting it to add my bussines logo?

Comments deleted.

Will this fit with EU credit cards ?

As a european myself I can definantly say yes :)

What screw size do I need to join the parts?

Filament is all you need. Or glue

Ahoy.. I like the design a lot! It works pretty good after some aggressive sanding of the lever..
To me it doesn't shut completely flat (something to do with the small channel that guides the lid) and the cards don't go down as I close the lid - I have to push them down myself..

I do love how it looks and the general idea, but I can't see myself using it as my wallet when I have to keep pushing down on it.. would love to be able to take it apart and do more sanding but it's held so tight together (the lid to the lever) and I don't think I can do it without it breaking..

All in all - GREAT design, great idea, sadly for me a little usable.. I will say that the Gold PLA+ I'm using absolutely sucks and give me inaccurate results and stringing on almost all prints - the shiny additive they put on it make it absolutely horrible.. might retry in black.

What do you mean when you say to put glue on the change compartment?

Well, you can definantly just put it together as is...but putting glue on it would make it stronger.

Thanks! I was just a little confused about what to put glue on, but once I was setting the parts I understood pretty quickly :)


Thank you for your creation!
I've tried printing it but I'm encountering problems with my red filament so I cannot finish it yet...

I just want to ask you if you could make a version with a little money clip on the back of the case ?


Hi b03tz,
first of all thanks for the design. I have printed the parts and tried to put them together :)
After I push the lid to the left it is hard to push it back and close the wallet. It is normal or should sand it a bit to stay in line? I made a short video of it:


Hey man, thanks for the comment. This probably means you are overextruding. The margins are tight, but should be easily achievable. Either try extruding on 98% or if you use Simplify3D you could do a little negative horizontal size compensation on the lid (say -0.02mm)

Or you can widen the gap a bit on the compartment part! :) let me know how it works out for you! And nice colors!