Bowden X-Carriage Mount for E3D v6 with 40mm Fan and BLTouch

by Emphacy Sep 15, 2018
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I was really excited about this mount. When I finally got around to mounting this I realized that the cartridge style thermistor and heater cartridge were preventing me from installing the fan duct. I thought maybe I could just manipulate the wires a little but there is a lot of interference.

This is something I accounted for during the design process. I'm using the cartridge style thermistor and heater cartridge and it's not a problem. You need to bend the heater cartridge wires approx 90deg so they point towards the rear of the mount. This way they won't interfere with the cooling duct.

Make sure you have the heater block the right way around. The heater cartidge should be at the back of the mount.

I was concerned about breaking the the wires on the heater cartridge, having to bend them that much and they seemed brittle. I continued on with your recommendation and I'm satisfied! Very clean and compact mount. By far, my favorite design. Thanks for all your time and effort.

I'm glad you like the design! Please consider posting a make :)

Hello, your design is great!
Do you know if the carriage is for the Anet A8? If not, can you get it?

What type of straps do you use? GT2 6mm?
I have printed all the pieces and I think that my straps will not fit.

I would love to be able to try it on my printer :P

Hi Ampedrao

The carriage is designed for the Prusa i3 but can be used on any printer with 8mm x-axis rods spaced 45mm center-to-center. I believe this has become more standard on i3 style printers like the Anet A8.
You will need to remove the original aluminium x-carriage provided with the A8 and use LM8UU linear bearings on the rods.

The belt (strap) is GT2 6mm. The image attached shows you how to connect the belts.

Hope that helps!

Hello, the 6mm GT2 belt fits perfectly in the carriage but the IGUS RJ4JP-01-08 bearings are very tight. The movement of the X axis is very forced.
I don't know how I can fix it.
Warmed up a little with the heat gun and take a little slack. Or re-print the carriage with a slightly larger scale (1%?)

I've printed all parts with ABS.

Thanks for the design and your patience

This is one of the reasons I avoid using linear bushings. The slightest compression or non-linear force on them cause binding.
I've attached a carriage with an extra 0.2mm diameter cutout for the bearings. Let me know if it works and I'll add it to the make.

N.B. Tested the carriage attached with an RJ4JP-01-08 and they slid into the carriage nicely so hopefully it will work for you.

Sorry for not having answered before, but I've been busy. The new carriage fits perfectly with the Igus bearings.
As soon as I have everything assembled and running, I'll send you photo or video.
Thanks for your time.