LaserCut - 3D Puzzle Eagle

by jtronics Sep 22, 2012
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question how big was the sheet you printed it on ? like the surface, because if it isn't the same size as yours the slits would be differently sized and it won't fit ? how did you make this anyway ?

no instructions are here

You can use and change the model, but the data generated by you must be
available again as open source under the GNU GPL license. It's not
allowed to sell the data or products of the modell.

Excellent! That's what I thought it meant, but wanted to make sure.

I actually converted this into a 3d printable version since I didn't have a laser cutter. I would like to make a "Remix" of it for others to print, but after reading though the license that this is listed here (Creative Commons - GNU GPL) I'm not actually sure I can. Please let me know if it's okay. I'm attaching a pic here of my printed version. Came out really awesome!