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REV5 G2s Pro E3D V6 Maxmount

by Haabilo Sep 14, 2018
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What is the Fan size?
30 or 40mm?

If its 30mm. Can you make a 40mm version?

They are 30mm, and I doubt 40mm fans could fit on the effector before colliding with the effector arms at some point.

It is a compromise that I made to make the hotend fit inside the effector (to get more build height).

If you only have 40mm fans, I suggest looking into versions that mount the hotend under the effector. (Or ordering 30mm fans, it'll take a week or two to arrive, but they're a couple of $/€/£ on AliE.)
Though when this version started working as well as it did (and still does, bi-weekly), I cashed out mentally from this side project, so there might be things that I haven't thought of.

What material are you using for this? I see a lot of plastic very close to the heater block. If you were to print ABS, which does not use a cooling fan, I could see a good bit of this going soft/melting.

I've used PLA and PETG on the mount, both have worked perfectly.

The layer fan ducts I've made out of PETG and it hasn't warped/melted on me. I haven't printed anything with the layer fan off, only at reduced speed.

If you are going to print without the layer fan spinning, you could just take the duct off entirely.

This is a really great design !! Can I add my BL Touch to this?

Not directly. MetalHeadz made his own for the Rev4.2.

I have not tried it, but it should still work.

BlTouch mount for G2S Pro with E3D mount

ok thank you