Pegboard Wrench Holder

by ScruffyOrc Sep 16, 2018
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Hey man, this is an awesome remix of two great things! How did you combine the Pegstr code and the wrench holder code? I'm new to OpenSCAD and would love to see the final result/explanation. Also, I'd like to remix your thing as my wrenches are just a bit more narrow than the original size.

I don't understand how this can be printed without support, those two top pegs seem impossible to print without support. Is it true you printed this without supports?

Yes, I just added a photo that shows the pegs on mine that I printed without any supports. The two pegs are a little wonky for the first couple of layers, but they look like what pegs should look like.

If you do use supports, do supports everywhere and set the overhang angle high (like 88) otherwise you end up with supports in the wrench hanger valleys and the print doesnt look as nice.

Thanks for the additional photo. I also discovered those valley supports would go away if I set a high overhang angle. I actually tried it without supports but had a failed print. I am going to slow it down and go with a brim and see what happens.

Nice! If this thing works, I'd like to update mine, too! :-)

I zip-tied my stuff to the peg board, so the flimsy back wasn't such a big deal -- I can see with pegs how it would be a bigger problem.

After a couple of adjustments, it works!
There's some wonkiness with the hooks though, I can't quite figure out if it's bed adhesion issues or if there's something else happening. So you may want to use a brim or raft to make sure the ends of the hooks don't have any problems. Let me know how it works for you.