Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Tevo Flash blower fan silencer

by ermon Sep 17, 2018
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the hole in the thing is actually smaller than the cutout in the plate, atleast on my Flash.

Also, the combination of the angle and the thickness of the wall makes the printer create small gaps of holes in the print, near the top for me.
In addition, the angle is so steep, that the outer layer on the inside turns into bridging, making the surface rough.. I've tried with several different approaches here, the result is the same.

However, it does indeed work! It is muffling the sound a bit.
(just giving some feedback after printing.)

Thanks for the feedback.
I know that an FDM printer is not able to print the slope well, leaving some small gaps, but this does not significantly reduce the attenuation effect.
Try looking at this remix, maybe is more to your liking https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3163850.

On my tevo the fan inlet hole is about 31mm the muffler hole is 30mm.

I use the model without the grooves for the bolts in the flange (v3). They are usually printed concentrically, making them more fragile.

Tevo Flash blower fan silencer (remix)
by shelxle

I've posted newer models

ooh, I like it!

Especially the small round one. One suggestion tho, could you make the center piece go from 0 mm? so that it can print without support?

sorry, that's sort of an "expansion chamber". "sort of" because there're many limitations: little space available, fdm printable, easly printable, ...; it kill some high frequency noise (see dbA), the noise level (db) is about the same, but your hear it less.

the part where the screws are meant to go through is too thick and does not let the screw tighten to the nut

you can:

  • use longer screws, suggested
  • in the slicer skip some bottom layers, but it'll result in a more fragile contruct
  • other (silicon, create a joint using the grid, ...)

if I'll have some time, I'll post a version with some slot for the screw head. done v4

I think the screw holes need to be moved, also the inclined part of the duct was very thin for some reason, could be my slicer.

  • I think the screw holes need to be moved,
    please explain what you mean.

  • also the inclined part of the duct was very thin for some reason, could be my slicer.
    yes it is, but it does the job. Actually i was thinking about a double layered tube filled with foam, but ...

PS. I've uploaded the version I'm currently testing.

I'll print your new version and try it! I'll use PLA instead of PETG, will probably be more successful printing any thin parts.

I've printed it at 90mm/s with PLA.
The new version is only a little refactoring. see also v4

Interesting idea.

I assume you mean this to be installed with the inlet pointing straight up?

Would airflow be better if the circular opening were larger?

I should mention that I have a Tornado not a Flash which is why I ask.


On the flash you have this loud blower fan. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1160/7836/products/HTB1s5N6wFOWBuNjy0Fiq6xFxVXad_768x.jpg?v=1529339130
it's meant to be mounted above it.
It's input area is greater than the cuted inlet, but, due to its shape, i'm expecting a little air flow loss.

I don't know the tevo tornado, you can always try the original silencer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2284893

60mm Fan silencer