Gear Cookie Cutter Christmas Halloween Steampunk

by drato Apr 25, 2014
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I decided to finish up this project and as soon as I get a good idea about the inner parts I will add them as a new project, so feel free to use the outer parts already.

Hey Friends,

Sorry for the long delay. I am still searching for an idea on solving a design problem for the inner cutter parts. I have 2 rules that should fit the design.

  1. I want the inner parts to print like the outer parts also as solids, so the printer just has to follow the outside surface.
  2. As there are several single cutouts for one inner part, I need a way to attach them to a base which will hold them in place.
    E.g. Using 5 swirls for the center the printer needs to follow just the outer surface, but the base, where all swirls are connected, needs to be solid.

I thought about writing a plugin for Cura to change the expert settings after a certain layer, but this would force everyone to use Cura.
Then I also thought about a design with the base separate, where I can attach what ever cutters I choose.

Any thoughts and ideas are welcome!!!

Thanks for the idea, this is actually working sufficiently for cookie dough. But my challenge is to create Cutters that fit certain criteria, like cutting edges as thin as possible, strong enough To Not Break under pressure, easy to print with the most common printer types available, etc etc.

So the suggested steps are nice for simple and fast cookie cutter designs, and that's the way to go when designing for dough that is forgiving like cookie dough. But when using cutters for polymer clay and being sure not to infringe any copyrights you need to design it yourself. You don't want the cutter to smudge the clay, you want clean crisp edges. Due to the flat surface of the automated designs you won't have these crisp edges. So it will need a more improved design, which I noticed by trial and error is very hard to achieve.

This is due to current resolution restrictions for affordable home printers nowadays. I noticed that the best choice, to my current knowledge, you have for FDM printers is the technique used for vases. Creating solid objects and letting the printer just follow the outer surface using the smallest thickness it can print (determined by its nozzle size). Feel free to post other design ideas resolving the smudging problem, I am always happy to learn new great techniques, but for now I didn't find anything better.

Hey friends,

this update's news:

-deleted all old cutters
-added 2 versions of cutters

  1. with normal edges and models look like the printed versions
  2. files have the addition _V2 in name, modeled as closed objects so they can be printed with minimal wall thickness (see corresponding Cura profiles for printer setup, no infill, no bottom, no top, wall thickness = nozzle size, ....)
    -added new center parts which can be used for cutting out the center of a gear

Up next:

-inner/middle cutter parts with holes, swirls, spokes, ....
-when finished maybe a video/images on how to combine outer, middle and center parts

Sooooo: here is 2 new batches of outer cutter parts (the involutes) and a new Profile for Ultimaker2 which can be used for printing an outer batch at once without having to split up into single cutters.

The Profile does not use a priming skirt or brim so the full size of the build plate can be used to print all cutters of a batch at once.
It also does not use any infill, as the original size of the cutters makes them two walls thick so infill is not needed.

Please let me know how printing the cutters is doing for other printers as well and if you like the design please like, collect and submit images of your makes here.

Up Next:

-adding images of the last two batches printed out on my UM2
-starting with preperation of the middle parts and center parts (holes, swirls, squares, spokes etc.)

Soon I will add a new batch of outer cutters and after that I will start with the inner parts of the cutters like holes and swirls.

Finished the next batch of outer cutters: the ratchet.

Added First Tests for my new design (Outerflat), this one contains circle cutters and can be printed in one peace. I also added the Profilefile for Cura 14.09 for Ultimaker2.

Currently I am very busy and do not know when I get the time to work on the design, but I had the Circle Cutters lying around for a while now and just added them so you have something new at least.

Hey Friends,
No file update today but info on the project: I have noticed some design flaws in my files, some gears have to much (small) detail which can't be printed in sufficient usable quality as they are meant to cleanly cut clay or dough without smudging it or getting it to tightly sticker to the cutter to get it off easily. Therefor I will rethink the design to probably have the outer parts and inner parts as separate cutters instead of adding lots of gears with different combinations.
Having inner and outer parts separate also opens up more combination possibilities, easier print ability and most likely better quality.
So as I already said, please stay patient and meanwhile enjoy the already added cutters, they still will work if you scale them a bit bigger.

Testprint Image added: lower left corner cutter is the one with the best settings:
-used Smart ABS White/Natural which is slightly translucent
-have a look at the Profile.ini for UM2 printing (for my UM2 and Material it was a good choice)
to print with full density to reach best quality, print time didnt
change much as the cutters dont have lots of solid fillable parts.
-you can scale the designs bigger but scaling down will probably result in layers not being printed as the walls get too thin
thicknes is 0.8mm and tapered at the edge so scaling up will still have
the upper layers printed as thin as your nozzle diameter

Gears 1-13 printable now.
Stay tuned for the next set to be updated as well as nice fotos of my test prints.
Print Instructions:
I have attached a Settings Profile File for UM2 Cura.

Im still adjusting the gears to print perfectly, please be patient with me. I'll add a settings file for Ultimaker2 as well when everything is adjusted.

I had to thicken the walls and my first Test Print is running. I'll update the files One by One so I can test them individually, please stay tuned for verified files and as soon as I have time there will be 9 new cutters as well.
Cheers Drato

Sooooo finally my new printer will soon arrive, I'll let you know about my test prints and add fotos asap!

As I didnt have the time to upload my 9 new cutters, I did it now, so enjoy.

Aaaaand here are 9 new cutters made last weekend and finished right now for upload.

Update: Added a new gear and changed the first 3 a little.

Update: Added thickness to the gears and now all of them have enough punching holes and a baseplate. Please let me know how the gears work, cant test at the moment as I'm waiting for my new printer.

Probably the Layers could get to thin when printing, because I didnt use double sided faces, I should add little thickness to the gears as well.

Ah I already noticed one little thing the saw blade gear is missing holes in the 3 inner cutter parts to punch sticky dough out, I'll fix that asap.