Faster Pixel Beads Photo Pane

by jsc Apr 25, 2014
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Ok forgive me, but how do you do this? is a video of a step by step?

Sadly, it looks like the customizer is broken at the moment. Your only option is to install OpenSCAD and run it on the script itself.

You will have to use the image array tool (link provided in the Thing Details). Generate a 20x20 array, make sure you have "Invert Colors" checked. Put the result as the value of the "picture" variable near the top of the script. Also change "mode" to "Compile". Click the "Render button" (or hit F6), then click the STL button to generate an STL.

I don't see a button for uploading my own image in the customizer window. Am I missing something? Thanks a lot ahead of time.

Check the Instructions section for a link to the image array tool.

The instructions link goes nowhere and there are no input options at all (no data or image file upload) when this open in customizer (at least in Chrome). What up?

Thingiverse appears to have removed the Instructions tab and nuked any content that used to be in there. Thanks, thingiverse. I've retrieved the text and put it directly in the summary.

Customizer appears to be broken, and not displaying the variable settings. It just repeats the first variable ("mode") several times. You can run the script locally using OpenSCAD and the restored instructions.

I will make mine self portrait , i have a file in jpg and png , can i make it
I understand the operation not good, what do you do after the " Usage To Array " (what do you do with the numeric code ????)
( sorry for mine bad englisch

Try using the Customizer, where you do not have to worry about that, just upload a picture.

If you really really want to run it locally, put the image data in a file (for example, "portrait.dat") and set the surface_file variable to the filename you chose: surface_file = "surface.dat"; Line 12 or so.

You could probably go ahead and remove your hack at this point - customizer cranked this thing out in a few seconds for me, and I was able to see it pretty quick in the preview even on render.

Thanks by the way, this is a cool script. Lots of possibilities here.

it writes 'current top level is not a 3d object' in openscad

Make sure pixel_size and grid_size don't add up to exactly 1.

it adds up to 0.8 but it still writes 'top level object is a 2d object'

Ah, I see what's probably going on. You need to change the "mode" setting in line 6 to "Compile". This is a hack optimization to get it to be fast enough to work with the Customizer (although it's probably not needed any more, with Customizer having been upgraded to a version of OpenSCAD that is super fast on these objects now).

Thanks! its working again

FYI: If you use the latest development snapshot of OpenSCAD, "Compile" mode is now near-instantaneous.

Why, so it is! Amazing.

Garbled, how? When you switch the mode select to Compile, it will take a few minutes for the preview to update. In the meantime, the preview window will show the nine-squares "waiting" animation. Just hit Create Thing at that point. I just tried it and it works for me.

"Preview" looks great, "Compile" looks garbled. Anyone able to get this one to work?