Robot Schmobot

by cerberus333 Sep 24, 2012
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Hi, this is the first non-flat design we've printed. He looks super, except that under his hands, the print looks a little stringy. Any guidance on what I might need to do settings-wise so that doesn't happen again?

Thanks for a fun design!

This is a print where support would fix this issue.
I have been able to get away with no support on my printer.
I would recommend trying meshmixer for supports (it is free software).
meshmixer allows you to customize the supports a bit which is nice.

not knowing your setup is difficult to give specific settings recommendations.
typically the support generation is a function of the slicing software (printer path generation software).
look for a 'use support' or something similar.

Where is the antenna and stuff?

Like i said,
"Not a 100% accurate model,

but I wanted a single print using FFF that captures the spirit of the Robbie."

Looks good I must say. :)

 thanks, I know it was a compromised design, but I wanted something I could print as a oneshot (no gluing, no removing support)
if you want antennae i would suggest the following. take a paperclip bend it into one and heat the pointy side and poke it thru and it should hold (might need glue) that would make a really solid antenna)
and it would be much stronger than ABS or PLA

Lets not forget the round hoop at the end of that.

 Yeah, I meant bend a paperclip into a hoop with a stick extending from it.

Danger Danger ... infill required Will Robinson...

 I get away without infill but I have to do some minor
post printing touch up.
It really depends on what you prefer.
Infill is going to make it have smaller holes.