Moving Gear Clock

by teunKeusters Sep 19, 2018
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Just wondering how to get the Arduino sketch? Where abouts is it?

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Hi! Very beautiful design. Can you share the Arduino sketch?

I still have to finalize it. Takes far too long, but I've been rather busy lately. Feel free to give it a shot yourself!

Still in the process of printing all the parts. But will share my sketch once it is complete. I'm using a Particle Photon rather than an Arduino, but the code should be similar.

Can you share the cad files?

Also it might help to show something so it is clear how large this is.

Could you clarify CAD-files? What kind of format are you looking for?

I'm using fusion360 and it can import many formats. The STL is hard to use because I need to specify the profiles for the cnc machine and the STL forces me to select each arc and line on each gear tooth which would take forever. I've tried to convert the mesh but it didn't help.

Very cool idea.... the gears sound a bit squeaky though you might want to add a drop of oil :)

Thanks! The sound is caused by the stepper motor instead of the gears. The sound is amplified by the hollow wall that I mounted it to. I used some double sided tape on the contact points with the wall and the sound was gone almost completely, now its just as silent as a regular clock!

I was just joking and talking about the bird.... that is a bird making the tweets right?.... LOL

Just wondering as this page hasn't got the ino file if you could share yours here. I really would like to make ths but im held back by there beng no .ino file.

Haha, didn't get that. Never get an agarpornis when you like some silence;)

What is the rpm for the moter

You would want the motor to move at 1rpm

Very beautiful clock !! is it possible to have the file for the arduino?

Thanks! The initial file that I used turned out to not be entirely accurate, so I am working on a reliable one. Will upload it in a few days!

If you want a precise clock, it would be much easier to add a clock module to A4&A5 pins of Arduino. I love a cheap DS3231 clock module.

Thank you for your great invention!

I put the sample code for Arduino and RTC at GitHub: https://github.com/vitroid/min-clock
Thank you!

okay good luck.