Ender & CR10 Filament Extruder Block with Threaded Coupler and Nut

by FedorSosnin Sep 19, 2018
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It is great. The first one I made from PLA and it was wrong (according to temperature from motor).
The second one is from ABS and it is OK.
I have to use enough big moment with nut (we need really big friction force between nut and screw).
Thank You.

Thank you. Strange the PLA was an issue for you. I have had my PLA block on for over a year now with no issues. Are you using an enclosure?

Yes, I printed parts from SmartABS and then my whole Ender 3 was covered in a cardboard box. This was the cause of this destruction. Earlier it worked well for several months from PLA.

Do you have the file for that filament guide? I've been looking for a simple one like that. Thanks

I was just about to make the same mashup of those 2 parts in Meshmixer but then I saw your remix, just what I needed! I'll print it next week :)

Haha awesome. Let me know how it goes. :)

First off let me start by saying I love the design and the concept of this, as I feel this is a great upgrade to the Ender 3. But, my issue is I have printed this thing like 4 or 5 different times and I cannot get the threads to print without breaking off when I put the lock nut on. I have tried the recommended settings and it too has just broken too. I managed to get one together for a little bit once, but after a few prints the PTFE tube kept slipping out and when I went to tighten it down again the threads broke again. Any help would be appreciated. I am using Amazon Basics PLA, 205C first layer and 205C for rest of print. 0.1mm layer height with 100% infill, and Cura with Octoprint.
Any help would be great, Thanks

Hmm. Usually when I get layer splitting like that, It means the temp was too low for the layers to stick together well. Maybe kick it up to 210 or maybe even 215?

I'm still on the very first one I've ever printed and I used an adjustable wrench to crank down the tube and haven't touched it since. It's gotta be a settings thing. With that said, I have personally had issues with Amazon's filament but that is neither here or there.

Would you be inclined to share a STEP file. I like this a lot I just want to make some tweaks.

This is the most useful "Ender 3 out of the box" upgrade by far. Why didn't you upload the version with the cable holder?

Thank you! Because I’m actually using a cable chain for wire management. ;)

Which one do you use? I came across a few ender3 cable chains here on thingiverse but all seem to have some issues

I've been using the one I designed. Check it out: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3132855

Stock Ender 3 & A10 Hot End Chain Links

Your overall design of the the printer addons is cool. Enthusiasts rarely invest so much time in polishing the final look of the whole thing. Have you tried timelapses with octolapse? I'm afraid the one diode light you suggest is too straightforward for a good picture.

Here's a screenshot of the view during a print in a pitch black room. For me, this is perfect lighting for seeing the first layer form on a black surface. Which was my goal.

Thank you! I think it's because I have a mild case of OCD. lol.

I have played with time-lapse, but I haven't fully set it up yet the way I'd want. However, I monitor the printer all the time. It is sitting in a pitch-black room most of the day in the basement and at the moment has a single USB LED on the side and another one from above. The perfect amount of light for my camera IMO. I'm actually about to post more photos of the updated setup here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3179203 and I'll be sure to post a screen capture of it during a print.

Adjustable 2020 USB LED Mount - Ender, CR-10