Famous Paris buildings

by LeFabShop Apr 28, 2014
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Hello, nice design Eiffel. But can you cut it to 3 or 4 parts for simple printing?

When i print the Eiffel tower it just makes a lot of string things im new to the 3D Printing world am im doing something wrong? <3

Love this collection. Printing today.

Love this collection. Printing today.

My printer printed this well at 150%. I bet too much over that upscale though and the supportless second level would be an issue. I used a 5mm brim on the first layer. Otherwise the legs would break off since the adhesion area was so small. I'm using kapton on a 55C heated bed setting. Probably painters tape would work without the brim.

I downloaded the Eiffel Tower and printed it out. Something went wrong I have a picture but doesn't look like I can put it on this post. I will try some of the other designs then.

It says no support. Does that mean you laid the Arc on it's side?

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It is easier to print more than one Eifel tower otherwise the hot nozzle would stay in permanent contact with the thin tower and deform it.

That's a great idea...I'm gonna try that. Mine always looks like licorice at the top.

For some of my tall, narrow prints, I add just a small, vertical column off to the side that extends just beyond the height of the object. It prevents that issue with as little material as possible. If you have issues with it coming off and ruining the print, make an inverted golf tee type thing.

Where's Serge Gainsbourg's house? :D

And I've been to all of these, Nice Work! :)

the Notre Dame model is cute, I should print that.

Thinks, I just needed the Louvre for my trip to Paris with school

You never cease to amaze! Bon travail!