Customizable Spool drawer - storage box

by Remivans Sep 20, 2018
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Great job, but I didn't found how to make the mirror piece with text ? (To have two pieces 180° each. Left and right open)

May be it's not possible. Photos show only same open direction.

Well done. The solution is very clever ! I didn't think to it.

Hi again, I just post an update !
You should see Mirror Part in customize parameter

Don't hesitate to report any issue i don't have full tested this function :-)

Ok thanks. i 'll try it quickly.

Hi! You right at this point itsnt possible to have miror part ( With correct text on it ! )

I will update the code asap !

I have dialed in the dimensions for my spool, but my handles are printing without outside walls. This could well be a slicer problem though a layer view in Cura shows a definite wall and infill area of the handle. I get a complete solid bottom and top on the handle but everything in between is just the web of infill (Grid type per Cura settings).

Every other aspect of the model is coming out just fine. It's just the handle that is experiencing the problem. Can anyone offer any feedback or ideas on what could be causing this condition or how I may be able to correct it?


As i anderstand , You may increase the wall layer count in your cura slicer.

Get infill inside section made very bad part, that's why i decide to design this model. but infill in handle or in bottom view are not a problem.

If you want avoid infill in handle increase the wall layer count
( if advanced setting aren't changed, 3 wall layers count is the best setting for your printer, if you want a full handle just put 2x so 6 wall layers count )

But i don't recommend you to do so ! You may experiment over extrusion problem or some other problems when part are 100%full

Hope it answer your question ( if not please send a picture )
I join a picture of expected infill ( i deactivate "show shell" )

Ok, that was a no-go. Modifying the wall layer count only made the walls for the drawer thicker. There is just no shell/wall around the handle. I've attached an image of the drawer with the handle width set to 4mm (thinking maybe Cura was having difficulty with narrow infill) but it didn't make a difference.

I've attached one of the .stl files that got generated by Customizer in case you are interested in trying it. For now, I think I've found another model that may work for me.


There is a miss understood,
I was suggesting to increase the wall layer count in your slicer ( not in customizer )
Have join a picture of your file, witch output fine in my slicer ( ultimaker cura version 3.3.1 )
Second thing the wall layer count in my model isn't in mm so if you put 4 ( as i show in your model it is 4*nozzleWidth so 1.6mm
Have a nice day

Sorry for the delay in responding...I was successful in getting a complete handle by increasing the wall layer in my slicer.

The thing that puzzles me is that my slicer also showed a complete wall when viewed in the slicer with my defaults. All walls printed accordingly except for the handle. I would not think that I would need to increase the wall layer for the entire model just for the handles.

Anyway, it's working now. Thanks for the assistance.

I added a template to assist in locating the holes for the drawer hinges on the spool at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3378686.

Customizable Spool Drawer Template

Do I have the correct understanding?

SpoolInnerWidth = diameter of the inner circle of the spool
SpoolOuterWidth = diameter of the spool

part width will be (SpoolOuterWidth/2) - (SpoolInnerWidth/2)

in my case for 3D SoluTech 1KG spool I have SpoolInnerWidth=80 and SpoolOuterWidth=200, so the width of the drawer will be 60mm.

I hope you do not mind. I did add more comments to the attached scad file to try to explain the initial variables and also rename some of them to a name that would be more meaningful to me.
1 - SpoolInnerWidth to SpoolInnerCircleDiameter
2 - SpoolOuterWidth to SpoolOuterCircleDiameter

The attached scad is for half height drawer with 1.12 mm clearance for a 3D SoluTech 1Kg spool.
I hope that with this scad I can have 8 half height drawers on this spool.

The attached png with the old name shows what the SpoolInnerWidth and SpoolOuterWidth variables are. Top view of the spool.

Yes thats it the inner and outer width représente inner and outer diameter the part will be outer/2-inner/2
Partheight represent drawer height
Partradius : assume that 360 degre is a complet circle if part radius=90
360/90= 4 drawers in one spool

Can you make an image where describe where are the measure you request?
for example

You right, it will arrive soon

Comments deleted.

Customizer is not working for me.

Is this a Makerbot bug or something you can fix?

Thanks. Really looking forward to trying this.

I just tried and everything seem working well, but if the model doesn't appear that happen some time with online customizer just change a value (+1 then -1 ), it will recalculate and most of time the model appear.
Hope you will fix your problem

You may post a picture, to clarify your problem

It's not the file. It's the customizer itself.

You may try another brother like Firefox or google chrome, this should fix your problem

Hey. Can you explain more about what it is supposed to serve?
Your description does not say anything.

I see only graphics, not a real photos, so it's only your some theory, or already is tested in practice?
Maybe I have a small imagination, but I can't see yet how I could use your project ...

Hi ! thx for your interrest,

i have found a lot of spool drawer on thingiverse but with some limitations or failure with slicer / printer resulting in poor part
The project is still a work in progress i have option to add and instructions. But all options provided online work great !

This customizer has been design for printer so the firt input is the nozzle diameter ( this will optimize the printing process no gap beetween wall, unwanted infill etc....)

I have tested my customizer with slicer and print somes part all work fine

To get your part use the online customizer button the instructions may appear more explicit.
-You have somes options on the left
-Rendered object are show on right
-on upper right you have a button create thing you can then download your stl

the given stl are show for example you need to create yours