Rover Tracks v2

by nahueltaibo Sep 25, 2018
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Nice work! Would you like to share the f360 files? I want to make it and need to some changes

hi, i started to print your tracks to make a little proof of concept for of personal project, and i wish to know if you mind to provide the source files ? i'm curious to know if i can modify your file to fit a wheel encoder in each side of the rover to made some odometry. Maybe by making a axle between to two slave wheels to use the free space inside the enclosure to fit the encoder. if everyting work, of course, i'll share my file.

anyway, thx for your design, it's a good starting point for many rover project.

Hi HicWic!
I'm glad you liked it!! I just sent you a private message with the sources.

I'd love to see your make !! I hope you can share it.


thx, got them !

i think i'll give a try to that stepper motor (https://amzn.to/2RA4RuR) by the end of the week, they are not fast, but precise, this is more what i'm looking for, for odometry. Wheel encoder seems to be a pain to implement.

I made a quick bounding draft in fusion 360, and they seems to be quite easy to adapt to your design.

Looks neat! I happen to have a couple of those gearmotors so will give it a try, using M3D Tough Ink for the tracks. Will post when done (probably next spring).

Thanks grayed_8119!

I'd love to see pics of your make!!

Good luck and let me know if something doesn't work for you, so I can improve int in future versions

Okay, here are a couple of suggestions. 1) The track segments could fit better if the "tongue" was about 0.5 mm narrower -- as is, it jams against the "ears" of the next piece 2) I believe I have motors identical to yours -- they fit the side mounts perfectly -- but the holes in the drive wheels are about half the size they need to be. These two things have added a few hours of post-production refitting to the project so far.

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muy excelente trabajo lo felicito, me podría hacer el favor de facilitarme el formato del solido para que lo pueda abrir con solidwors

Hola Oscar!
Me encantaria pero no se que formatos soporta SolidWorks. Yo uso Fusion 360, si me averiguas que soportan en comun con gusto te paso el diseño. Si lo imprimes, por favor no olvides creare el Make, me encantaría ver como te quedó!

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Hi nahueltaibo, i really like your approach on rover tracks . I had a similar approach in the rover i am designing... one Thing that would be great , i believe ,is to add support for a tick counter Wheel... to allow dead reconning on the rover.

I have not yet built your design , just wanted to provide positive feed-back to your efforts.
Your next step could be to propose paramétric bodies for your rovers :
Raspberrypi compatible body, arduino body, body with turret, rpi caméra..
:-) just some idéas. Please, continue your great project.

Thank you very much teinturman!

I am planning to do what you mention. I started with the rpi body as that is what I was planning to use at first, but I plan to add other bodies so more people can use this.

Thanks for the feedback!