Functional Micro Water Pump

by Arron_mollet22 Sep 21, 2018
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Hi, I was wondering how you sealed motor shaft?

nice design.

What is the metric equivalent (in mm) of a 5/16 ID Vinyl Tubing?

cheers aitsch

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ehy can you please add a picture of the gasket as i want to try and model it and print it with tpe, plus i want too see the base of how i should cut it out :P thanks!

ps: how is the gasket not going to make it leak water through?

the rubber gasket could be printed with tpe as well, i tend to print this kind of things with tpe


could you please share the original file? i have a different motor so i want to adjust the housing.

Technically for a better functioning it would be necessary that the middle of the rotor is empty or that there is a nose for a better flow.
Wikipedia article show some pictures of it for exemple : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centrifugal_pump

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So... is it supposed to look like a penis?

Actually the human penis was modeled after this design... I'm currently suing Evolution for patent infringement.

Very clever, I imagine creating a "cover" for the exposed motor that locks into the existing screws shouldn't be that hard and would make it submersible.

Very clever as well! That would in theory solve problem of needing to prime the pump. If you are interested I can modify the design to be submersible.

Nice design. Have you tested up to which higth it can pump water?
Did a few simelar models before with a similar 3V motor and battery and they wheren't able to go higher than approx. 8 cm.

I haven't yet set up a definitive experiment to test the height the pump can achieve, that would be a fun experiment to set up though and hope I can get to it soon. However, from using the pump I can say it should preform much better than pumping 8cm. Also, a fellow thingiverse user has replicated the pump and indicated he's gotten great power out of it. He said he got a unconfined stream to shot a foot straight up, I would assume this would be even higher in a confined tube.

Good model!

Here is a .gif of the the pump in action.

Flow rate looks really good. Note for anyone watching gif for first time, on my pc/network connection the gif ran very slowly until it reached the end (one cup emptied into the other) then ran at 'realtime' where you could properly see the fruit of Arron's work. Definitely think it is worth finishing off to be submersible Arron great work :-)

Thanks NickSee! I'll try to get the submersible pump working and uploaded soon.

That would certainly be helpful! I'll try to get a video up shortly.