CNC box remix with 20x20 3D printer

by Call_Me_V Sep 22, 2018
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Hi Call_Me_V,
I am interested in the CNC PCB engraving set up you have there. Especially the auto levelling with the feedback from the engraving tip to the copper. (I hope I have this right). Could you give me a link to how to set this up please? Your boxes certainly add a touch of class to the system.

Hi RobWLakes,
Thanks for your comments of touch of class ;)
Regarding auto leveling, you are right, I put in place a firmware/hw modification and it's a very good improvement. Just to give you a correct link, do you have a board with ATmega328 or ATmega2560?

The kit I built came with an Arduino Clone with a shield that can run 4 stepper motors. (Usually configured set (1,1,1), can do (1,1,1+1) for the three axis). My set up is (1,1,1). I have found applications to modify the G-Code based on auto levelling readings, but could not see how it could read the z-axis data back from the Arduino GRBL. It sound like you know how to do it. Thank you for your assistance. I also have a 2560 system with a similar system of stepper drivers that was designed for a 3D printer, but it is not on a project yet, but I could swap it. Which do you think is best?

Consider that I have setup in my GRBL for ATmega2560 (versionv1.1f), inside cpu_map.h the folowing code:

// Define probe switch input pin.




define PROBE_BIT 6


this means that the port PF6 is my sensing for the autoleveling probe.
After the board flashing, I connected a wire from the GND of Arduino board to copper plane (PCB) and another wire from PF6 to the engraver of spindle. In the end, in the Candle tool (or similar) I used Heightmap feature for the auto leveling acquisitions.....and that's all!!

Thanks Call_Me_V for the excellent leads. I have a much better idea, but still a fair bit of work to do get it all together. Good luck with your future projects.

Sounds good and good luck to you ;)