DXU - Dual Extrusion Upgrade for UM2+

by yyh1002 Sep 23, 2018
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e3dv6 warn for this hotent? can you publish stl files?

This looks absolutely fabulous, exactly what I was thinking when I saw the Mark 2 a while ago. And here it is!
I will for sure make this once I get my UM2+, which is on its way to me, and have gotten to know it :)

One question though!

Why does the print head have to go to the corner to swap nozzle? Is that just a "carryover" from the Mark 2, or is there a real need to do that?

Once again - Ecxellent!

Aha, having looked at the BOM, and not finding any parts for changing the height of the second nozzle, and then looking at the assembly, I think I got the anser to my question. There's a mechanical lever to raise and lower the nozzle, and that's why the head goes to the corner, to swing the lever over. Clever!

I am looking forward to doing this upgrade, that's for sure! :)

Thanks. Feel free to join the discussion over at Ultimaker forum. Much more information over there.

I used tbfocus to get the parts as it allows you to purchase parts from taobao with an English UX and shipping to the UK. I use a Duet WiFi and IR Probe with my heavily modified UM2

I'm in the process of modifying this design to support mounting the Duet WiFi IR probe on the front of the fan mount so it can support autoleveling/compensation.

Hello. Can you post .step files?
I want to make it for prusa styled printers

Unfortunately it won't work with i3 style printers. The print head needs to do 2 axis motion.

Really? Why is that?

The second nozzle just introduces a X-offset, right? Y-axel remains the same.

Sorry, I am curios. I was born that way ;)

To swing the lever over?
So, a redesign to swing the lever over on a prusa, and then its ready to go. But that's for some prusa owner do take on, I guess ;)

very good,but,unfortunately, not use.

hi,alternaive link for buy parts?

Hi Bugs i own an UM3 and look into this design now. I do have CNC lathe so i think the metal parts are not a problem. What yyhh1002 meant in his short answer is there is an GitHub link there is a bom and if you know Chinese you can buy the parts. But i think more to do that design E3D V6 compatible. so maybe i do an remix

Very good design. Thank you.
However, Ultimaker 3 metal parts are not available for purchase.

If you looked at the documents, you would know that it does not contain any UM3 parts.