CuBGOS! (Customizable Board Game Organizational System)

by Roguenorm Sep 24, 2018
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on the far left of the main picture there is an orange print - i can see 3 sections of hexagonal tokens.

what thing is that? i need exactly that thing but smaller and circular tokens

That's not mine. It is a piece designed by @webdad specific for Terraforming Mars. You can find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2328518

The Great Terraforming Mars Storage Mash Up
by webdad

I love these. Though I also think it'd be great if you could add separaters to the lidded storage, same as you do for the card holder :)

I guess I might at some point, but the whole point of the cases is to have removable trays. If you want a lidded storage with separators, I have used the card holder for exactly that. Just make it short and as wide and long as you need.

I didn't even think of that. I did end up writing some script to make baffles in the lidded case if you want me to share, seemed to work well :) I'll try printing one of the card holders since I have failed twice now to make these the correct size :/

Hey yeah, if you are willing to share I would love to have a look. I could even add it as a permanent option to the design if you are willing (and of course I would give you kudos on the main page for it)

I don't really know the best way to share with you?

This was added to the top where you specify variables (if you just specify dividers = [ ] then no dividers will be created)

//Values for internal divders
dividers = [50];
divider_width = 0.8;

And added the following loop to the "bottom case" module:

module BottomCase(){
union(){ //add the latches and hinges to the box

    //optional internal dividers
    for (div = dividers) 
            cube([i_x ,divider_width,i_z - 1]);
                cylinder(r=c_fillet, h= divider_width);

What is the difference between a token case and token tray, both in features, and how you use them? Also, I see some hex storage trays there, however not in the CuBGOS list of items.

The trays are the open boxes that hold game tokens. The cases are the hinged boxes that contain the trays and prevent parts from flying around in the box. The hex storage boxes are made using the customizable card box file, which you can find here:


Parametric Card Box

Thanks for your fast reply, sorry, I mis-typed there! What I meant was difference between token trays, and token bins.

Also, by the hex bins, I mean the ones that you keep hex tokens in as seen on the left of your first picture. The look to have a hex shape when seen from a plan view (top). Thanks again!

Ah! got ya. The trays have sloped sides so that it is easier to pull tokens out of them. the bins have vertical sides, but can have very rounded corners where each corner can have a different radius. This allows the bins to fit into a curved space (I originally made them to fit into some tupperware containers that had very curved corners on the side walls). The hex storage thing is not my design. It is a design made specifically for the hexagonal tiles used in Terraforming Mars. Check out my TM organizer page and you will find a link to @webdad 's page, the person who made that hex tray and cover.

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