Hinged, Hooked, CR 10(S) LCD screen mount.

by JeenyusPete Sep 24, 2018
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Shouldn't the hinge be attached to the back plate?
I would love a couple of pictures of the printed design

As requested here’s pictures uploaded of what I printed, sorry I can’t unhook lcd to put it in and show that it fit beautifully, also keep in mind I had used concentric patterns by accident to print this and the wrong infill and amount of wall layers so the safety shield ended up splitting.

ultimately the new design i made for holding my CR-10S display was much safer in all regards but required a bit more work cutting a hole in the top of my table and using silicone around the lip i made to hold it in place

i did the hinge at the top so i could pin it back, i ended up printing it then changing my mind and mounted my screen in the table with a new mount, ill try and take some pictures of what i had printed for this file, the hanger latch was too short so i had to extend that and print it again and the side protection walls were a touch too thin for my print settings and ended up splitting just after the the crucial point thankfully (abs issues ugh) but it did work nice and would have tucked well had i used that design to hold my display screen